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Heard a million times about personal lubricants but never tried one? Or you tried a wet product previously but the experience was not as good as you actually thought? Whether you are looking to use lube or someone looking for a better lubricant, we are ready to help you out with tips, tricks, personal lubricant buying guides and as lot more!

While buying a personal lubricant, you need to bear your preferences and needs in mind. If you are planning to use the lubricant with birth control devices or condoms, there’s one set of products to choose from. On the contrary, if you are looking for a lube just to make a dry vagina wet and slippery, you may have to look for lube that suits women well. There are many other lubricants on the market that do not just lubricate, but can jazz up your sex life in a number of ways. If you are just looking to add some spice to your anal sex life , then go for a good anal lube. Therefore, you need to read the product labels very carefully before you buy yourself a personal lubricant. It is you who need to take the right buying decision. This is why our personal lubricants buying guides may prove to be a definitive guide for you.