Best Flavored lube: Add a Little Flavor to Your Sex Life

Flavored lube

Nothing stimulates the genitals like some patient oral sex.

Oral sex as an activity also excites other sexual acts like anal and vaginal intercourse. Both men and women enjoy oral sex with equal enthusiasm.

But oral sex might tend to be disinteresting at times. The genitals are host to multiple types of virus, bacteria and other microbes. These microorganisms make the area smelly. Even washing the area thoroughly does not completely wipe away the smell.

So what should we do to make oral sex as exciting as it should be?

Fortunately, lube manufacturers heard you. And that has brought flavored lubes to the market. A good flavored lube does not just help get rid of the smelly issue. It also adds to the sensual experience of oral sex.

Today, we have several flavored lubes in the market. You can choose any flavor you like and even indulge in some exploration.

While flavored lubes are mainly considered for oral sex, they can also be used for other forms of intercourse. That is because these lubes are capable of adding more moisture to the private parts. Flavored lubes are compatible with condoms and sex toys too.

Most flavored lubes are water-based compositions. However, a silicone-based flavored lube should not surprise you either.

But catching hold of the best flavored lube is not easy. You will need to read the ingredients very carefully on the label. Avoid lubes that include artificial color, carcinogens, extra sugar, harsh ingredients, exquisite fragrance, etc.

I have done extensive research to make selection far more convenient for you. Have a look at my comparison chart and my top pick of products. Hope your oral sex will be delightful.

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Top 7 flavored lube comparison chart

Shibari lubeWater basedKiwiHigh$$
Edible Lubenatural Water basedSensual Berrymoderate$
Passion LubesWater basedWatermelonHigh$$
Astroglide Sensual LubeWater basedStrawberrymoderate to high$
Sasmar LubricantWater basedStrawberryhigh$$
Sliquid Swirl LubricantWater basedCherry VanillaHigh$
Doc Johnson GoodheadWater basedMint, Cinnamon,
Cherry, Strawberry & Passion Fruit

Types of flavored lube (by composition)

1. Water based flavored lube

Water based flavored lubricants are easily available in the market and you require copious amounts of the substance in order to experience pleasure during sex.

These lubes not only taste good but possess a relatively thick consistency that makes them gentler on your body.

Despite drying out quickly, water based flavored lubes are in demand since the taste of these lubes is amazing and there is a lot of variety available.For more information, see our post on best water based lube.

2. Silicone based flavored lube

Flavored lubes that are silicone based are not edible but they tend to last a long time and so is ideal if you plan to have extended oral sex sessions with your partner.

Though different brands offer numerous silicone based flavored lubes, you need to use discretion and choose one that adheres to your tastes.

Silicone based flavored lubes can often be overpowering but the taste enables you to experience better oral sex with your partner.

Check out this article for more information on the silicon based lube.

Most common flavors of flavored lube !

  • Strawberry flavored lube: Strawberry flavored lubes have gained a lot of popularity among women in recent times who enjoy the taste. There are lots of users who claim that this lube tastes similar to a stick of gum while there are others claiming that the strawberry flavored lubes taste just like candy. This flavor is capable of adding a moderate to mild warming sensation for the purpose of improving your foreplay sessions.
  • Bacon flavored lube: This is definitely one of the weirder innovations that manufacturers of personal lubricants have come out with in recent times. If you love bacon, then you will definitely enjoy the meaty and salty taste of this lubricant. This lube is sugar-free, latex safe, odorless, colorless and boasts of a silky smooth texture.
  • Cherry flavored lube: Cherry flavored lubes are currently in great demand in the industry thanks to the full bodied and strong flavor of cherry which is extremely intense and ensures that the fruity scent lasts a long time during intercourse. Cherry flavored lubes have a sickly sweet smell which might not be your cup of tea but tends to become more pleasant over time.
  • Chocolate flavored lube: Lovers of chocolate will find plenty of reason to rejoice when they come to know about this flavor of personal lubricant that is extremely tasty with a pleasant gel-like texture. Ideal for couples who wish to engage in extended oral play, this lube makes your skin feel moist and rejuvenated once absorbed.
  • Watermelon flavored lube: Watermelon flavored lubes manufactured by various brands have been known to possess a distinctive tropical smell that can be rather exciting at the time of sex. These lubes are quite slick and they tend to dry up fast but the flavor lasts for a while which means that you can experience a lot of enjoyment during oral sex with your partner.
  • Mint flavored lube: A fresh, cooling oral experience is what you get when you and your partner decide to experiment with a bit of mint flavored lubricant in the bedroom. You need not worry about any burning sensation of the mouth since mint flavored lubes have a lighter, more refined taste and the perfect use of the mint provides this lube with a lifelike consistency.
  • Grape flavored lube: Couples who have a fun and exciting sexual chemistry in the bedroom and are willing to experiment with oral sex should definitely make it a point to try the grape flavored lubricant which has a unique sweet and tart flavor. The mixed sensations and the great taste should not be missed but it is important to note that despite its sweetness, this lube leaves no sticky mess.

How flavored lube play a vital role in oral sex?

Almost every maker of personal lubricants boasts of at least one brand of flavored lubes which showcases the importance of this substance to couples who wish to experience amazing sex.

Part of the reason why these lubes have gained so much popularity in recent times is due to their enhancement of oral sex sessions.

If you want to please your guy or girl in bed with your mouth, you might not always feel like tasting their natural juices directly.

However, a bit of flavored lube can make the whole scenario a lot of more enjoyable and exciting.

Our top 5 flavored lube reviews

# Shibari Kiwi, Water-based Lubricant Infused with Natural Kiwi Extract

Our impression

Shibari Kiwi

This personal lubricant from the house of Shibari is composed using natural extracts of the kiwi fruit.

Despite being a water based lube containing artificial ingredients, this lubricant is not quick-drying nor does it possess any stickiness.

This is a great lube for couples who wish to enhance their oral sex sessions and the substance is entirely free of harsh chemicals.

It does not stain your clothes and your bedsheets and possesses a silky, smooth feel, free of parabens.

The gum of the kiwifruit is incomparable when it comes smoothness and slipperiness and it stands well above many other natural gums.

This lube has a great effect on women who have to deal with dry private areas and it is also capable of balancing the natural pH level of the body, thereby offering a pleasant sexual feeling.

The lube does not contain any harsh chemicals or hormones and is devoid of artificial flavors and colors.

>>Best deal I found on the Shibari Kiwi, Water-based Lubricant<<

  • Provides silky and smooth feeling.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-staining lubricant.
  • Contains organic extracts from the kiwi fruit.
  • Pure water-based lubricant.
  • Great for healthy skin and restoring pH balance.
  • Tends to be a bit sticky.
  • Consistency of the lubricant might be a bit too thin.

# Flavored Natural Lubricant for Women & Men - Sensual Berry Flavor 

Our impression

Flavored Natural Lubricant for Women & Men

Maple Holistics has introduced a new berry flavored lube that boasts of all the goodness of personal lubricants without any of the harsh ingredients.

The formula of the lube is of a superior quality and is a fine natural solution that provides an effective slip-action experience due to the presence of naturally lubricating ingredients, like carrageenan and aloe vera.

This water based lube is capable of restoring the pH balance of your body and offers a satisfying and natural feel.

The lube makes use of food grade preservatives for the purpose of using a sustainable and safe anti-microbial preservative base that rids the product of the need for harmful and inferior quality additive that are common in many flavored lubricants.

This lube is recommended by dermatologists who swear by its efficacy and its authenticity.

This is basically a multipurpose sensual lubricant which is compatible for both couples and individuals and can be used effectively with toys and accessories, both by women and men.

>>Find here best deals for Sensual Berry Flavor Natural Lubricant<<

  • Special formula meant for sex and sensitive skin.
  • Contains no harmful preservatives or parabens.
  • Compatible with both women and men of all ages.
  • Natural lube containing nourishing formula.
  • Has a peculiar taste.
  • Tends to become sticky after some time.

# Passion Lubes Water Based Flavored Lubricant, Licks Watermelon

Our impression

Passion Lube

Passion lubes is no stranger to the world of personal lubricants having been responsible for the creation and manufacturing of some unique and well-received lubricants in the market.

The company is always looking to broaden its horizons and this new lubricant is definitely one of the best released by the brand.

This product is ideal for all sorts of activities and the formula for this item has been devised very carefully and it is very safe for the body, being devoid of any sort of artificial sweeteners and sugar.

Once you get a taste of this lube, you will find that the soothing watermelon flavor provides you with a large dose of enjoyment, providing you with a new and energetic mindset for sex.

The great taste titillates your taste buds and enables you to improve the quality of sex with your partner.

This lubricant does not possess any of the stickiness commonly associated with lubes and it is also non-staining.

Compatible with all sorts of materials, including silicone and latex.

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  • Lasts for a long time without drying up fast.
  • Safe for the body due to the exclusion of harmful chemicals.
  • Tastes amazing.
  • Possesses a distinct odor.
  • No additional warming or cooling effect.

# Astroglide Sensual Strawberry Lube

Our impression

Astroglide Sensual

Astroglide is one of the oldest and most reputed manufacturers of lubricants in the world and the company has always prided itself on the quality and performance of its product, which are miles above the standard quality items available in the market.

The company has now brought out a new flavored lubricant that has a distinct strawberry smell and it provides you with the full effect of fresh strawberries along with a beautiful fragrance.

The product is edible and the taste of the lube is very delicious and is sure to appeal to all users.

The substance has the capacity to improve your sex life by imparting the experience with a lot of excitement and fun.

The consistency of this substance is high slippery and sticky and it tends to last a long time without the risk of experiencing any sort of stickiness or dryness.

This water soluble personal lubricant is compatible with condoms and is packaged discreetly in a travel friendly bottle.

Best deal for Astroglide Sensual Strawberry Lube at

  • Water based lubricant compatible with condoms.
  • Delicious strawberry taste of the lube.
  • No associated stickiness or dryness.
  • Lasts a long time and is slippery and slick.
  • A bit too tacky for the tastes of some users.
  • Sweet strawberry taste might become overpowering after a while.

# Sasmar Personal Lubricant, Strawberry

Our impression

Sasmar lube

This unique product from Sasmar boasts of a sweet strawberry flavor and has a silky smooth texture which is pleasant to the touch.

Being a water based lubricant, this lubricant is extremely soothing and is capable of helping with lubrication during sex, vaginal dryness and can even act as a supplement for the purpose of preserving the natural moisture of the body.

The delicious taste of strawberries is hard to ignore when you are using this lube and it also lasts a long time.

During the manufacture of this particular lube, no oils, sugars or harmful chemicals like parabens were used.

The company is very careful to make the product a lot of fun but at the same time, help improve the level of intimacy between you and your partner.

You can apply this product on both the outside and the inside of a condom if you wish to improve sensations.

The product is fully compatible with substances like polyisoprene, natural rubber latex and polyurethane which means that you can use this alongside condoms.

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  • pH balanced personal lubricant.
  • Tastes like fresh strawberries.
  • Manufacture of product occurs in France.
  • No oils, parabens or sugars included as ingredients.
  • Fun and pleasure for both partners.
  • Might be irritating to sensitive skin.
  • Stickiness of the lube might be too much.

It’s time to decide......

Lots of companies are involved in the business of designing and manufacturing flavored lubricants in the market.

It can be very difficult to choose the best one among them since flavor is a personal choice and there can be no consensus regarding which flavor is the best.

However, it has been found that the new Passion Lubes Water Based Flavored Lubricant, Licks Watermelon comes close to being the best flavored lube owing to the unique properties it possesses.

Bottom line

The best flavored lube is very hard to pinpoint since there are many different brands and varieties available in the market and it mostly depends on your personal taste.

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