Best Lube for Couples: Exploring Possibilities Beyond

Best Lube for Couples

Sexual stimulation must work both ways. Pleasing your partner is as important as satisfying yourself.

If you are one for equality, this article is especially dedicated to you.

Happily enough, you have some decent company in this club. For one, let me make a declaration upfront –I support sexual equality. And so many others do too.

People who face sexual inequality from their partners might not be able to speak about this in public. However, the agony could be difficult to bear every second of the life.

To move forward in the direction of sexual equality, I did some elementary research. In it, I found out that the best lube for couples has the potential to eliminate all miseries for couples. There are thousands of personal lubricants by different manufacturers in the market.

The personal lubricants available to us right now are spread across categories like water-based, silicone-based, oil-based and, warming lubes, flavored lubes, organic lubes, pre-seed lubes and many more.

There are several lubes designed to titillate both you and your spouse while having sex. And these can be substantially different from the silicone-based or water-based lubes we have used so far.

While you make the purchase, you will have to be careful because every category of intercourse should ideally use a specialized lube.

Even doctors realize this and recommend personal lubricants to couples who face the problem. Let me assist you in finding a good lube lest it should get too late for your sex life. Follow my comparison chart and reviews of my top five picks.

Straight recommendation: Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based lube

Top 7 couple lubricant comparison chart

Name & BrandTypesBest forLongevityRating & reviewed
Hybrid LubricantWater & silicone basedVaginal sexModerate to low4.0 by 194
K-Y Yours + MineWater basedVaginal sexModerate to low3.5 by 652
Lulu LubeNatural Water BasedVaginal sexModerate to high4.3 by 623
Penchant LubeSilicone BasedSensitive skinHigh4.7 by 643
Nooky LubeWater basedVaginal sexModerate to high4.3 by 569
Fox envy lubricantWater basedVaginal sexHigh4.4 by 108
Aloe Cadabra lubeOil basedVaginal sexHigh4.4 by 357

How does lube bring sensation in the sex life of couples?

Imagine a life without fluids.

Dryness and pleasure do not go hand in glove.

And dryness is the last thing you want when having sex with your spouse.

A personal lubricant for couples could go a long way in empowering your sex life like none other.

Lubes for couples are designed to enact specific functions on male and female bodies.

They cater to that specific blank which lack of dryness has left on your life.

A well-chosen lube could bring back the pleasure from your younger days and match the natural lubrication of your body.

And we cannot exactly jot down the other perks.

Our top 5 recommended lube reviews for couples

# Turn On Premium Hybrid Personal Lubricant

Our impression

Turn On

The Hybrid Personal Turn On Lubricant is great for couples for a few specific reasons.

To start with, it provides exceptional quality personal lubrication at a great price.

It stimulates your nether regions and gives you an exceptional massage as well.

It is a great lube for all kinds of sexual events.

You may use it for foreplay, masturbation, sex toys and all other kinds of experiments.

In short, this is among the very few personal lubes for experiments.

The Hybrid Personal is a water-based formula with infused silicone to strengthen the ‘lube’ experience.

The compound is free from paraben and comes with discreet packaging. We really liked the disc cap which makes the lube easy to use with one hand.

On many counts, you will feel this lube is the natural lubrication that your body produces.

It relieves any personal dryness and is great for soothing sensitive skin.

And you can use this with all sex toys except the silicone ones.

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  • Impressive price point, good quality.
  • Feels invigorating and new.
  • Water based with silicone infusion.
  • Gels well with glass and rubber toys.
  • Equally great as massage oil.
  • Low on customer service.
  • Not recommended for use with silicone toys.

# K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant, 3 Ounce 

Our impression

K-Y Yours and Mine

The Yours & Mine personal lubricant from K-Y is especially made for couples.

The label on the product reads masculine excitement and feminine delight.

The feeling for men is more warm and invigorating while that for women is a more thrilling and tingling.

And when you mix the two, the experience becomes a new form of sensory overload altogether.

You feel the excitement grow even further both for you and your spouse.

This also results in an experience that is greatly satisfying.

You may also play with the Yours & Min during those naughty massage sessions.

It is one of the best lubes for massage and brings a new dimension to almost every session you want to enjoy.

If you have not guessed it already, the blue formula is for men and the purple formula is for women.

All you need to do is apply the lubes individually and do what you do best!

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  • Personalized formula for enhanced intimacy.
  • Separate bottles for personal intimacy.
  • Warm for males, tingling for women.
  • Hyper feelings when combined.
  • Temperature differences may cause concern.
  • Not the best for climaxes.

# Personal Lubricant Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based

Our impression

Lulu Lube

The Lulu Lube is a water basedlube that is basically designed for prevention of chaffing.

The liquid texture is silky and clear.

The liquid texture is so slick that you can hardly notice it.

The lube is well-suited for almost any toy.

Since it is water based, you may even use it with silicone toys. It does not have any petrochemicals, paraben or glycerin.

This makes it one of the very few couple-centric lubes free from petrochemicals.

On the very first use, you will notice that the Lulu Lube has a texture that is more slippery than petroleum based and silicone lubricants.

You will find it very easy to clean the. It simply rinses off with water without the application of soap.

Unlike sticky silicone lubes, you will not have to scrub the genital area for hours.

It moisturizes both male and female parts and leaves you with a happy feeling always.

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  • Ends dryness and chaffing.
  • Slips more than more silicone based lubes.
  • Fairly easy cleaning.
  • Free from glycerins, parabens and petrochemicals.
  • May cause reactions with skin.
  • Does become sticky occasionally.

# Personal Lubricant by Penchant - The Best Silicone Lube for Men and Women

Our impression


The Penchant personal lubricant for couples is one of the few lubes out there that balance things out evenly.

You will fall in love with the design of the bottle to begin with.

But the real fun is there inside the bottle.

However, the real magic lies deep inside the bottle.

It lasts you longer than most other lubes you have used so far.

The silicone adds a velvety touch to you love making every time.

The ingredients on the Penchant are thoroughly pleasing to the body.

These ingredients are not sticky in the least and will not dry out midway through the session.

The packaging is pretty elegant and discreet. From the outside it looks like a bottle of some high-end moisturizer.

However, you can read the word ‘lubricant’ as you come closer to the bottle.

It bears FDA 510k Approval and is one of the safest products around.

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  • Exhaustively long lasting.
  • Ingredients are body-sensitive and pleasing.
  • Packaging is discreet and elegant.
  • FDA 510k approval rating for product safety.
  • Made in the USA, free from parabens.
  • Lousy container, leaky cap.
  • May pose select sensitivity issues.

# Lubricant - Personal Water Based Lube for Men - Nooky Lubes 32ozTM

Our impression

Nooky Lubes

The Lubricant – Personal water-based lube gives both of you a smooth and silky feel right from the start.

You will not only have great sex with this lube, but this also gives you the opportunity to experiment sensuality with a variety of toys.

The Nooky lube is also very easy to clean and winter off completely with water.

Its colorless and tasteless attributes make it one of the best for oral and anal play.

Like other water-based lubes, it is free from petrochemicals, parabens and glycerin.

If you have a case of typical female dryness, you could use the Nooky lube to generate lubrication as close as the body.

This product is made in the USA and has been approved by EPA and FDA.

For safety, it is best to keep it away from children, eyes and ears.

In case of any irritation of skin, you should immediately stop use and talk to a physician.

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  • Water-based colorless and odorless lube.
  • Temporary stains wash out easily.
  • 32 ounce bottle contains plenty of lube.
  • Easy-to-dispense cap operation.
  • Dries up very quickly, needs frequent reapplication.
  • Slight sensitive issues may persist.

What characteristics couples will look for when buying a lube?

  • Does it amplify the sensation? Amplifying sensation is among the principle functions of a lube along with causing lubrication. Most lubes for couples are great at amplifying sensation while having sex. While you cannot really test this attribute before making a purchase, you should read a lot of reviews by couples who have used the lube already.
  • Is it good at shower sex? If you are buying a water-based lube and looking to have shower sex, there is no point in it. Water-based lubes will wash away under shower. In such cases, you will have to go for something that is silicone-based. These lubes for couples do not wash away easily and make sure you get the best experience under the shower as well.
  • Does it last long? The longevity of a lube is something that you will have to put to test by yourself. Most silicone-based lubes or water-based ones with silicone infusion are bound to last you quite a while. So if you are looking for long-lasting pleasure, you have to look beyond water-based lubes in the category.
  • Is it free from harmful ingredient? The presence of chemicals like parabens, petrochemicals and glycerin may cause unwanted irritation during sex. The acetylenes and acetones are even more dangerous for sensitive skin. Watch out for the composition of the lube before you are ready to invest. If one of you has sensitive skin, go for organic lubes free from harmful chemicals.
  • Does if cause any hormonal effect? You do not want something that gives pleasure for an hour to cause significant change in the hormone secretion of the body. You are using a potentially dangerous product if that happens. Follow the reviews closely to check if the lube even remotely affects the hormonal composition of the body.

Doctor’s point of view

From a medical perspective, you should not be requiring to use a lubricant if you have healthy bodies.

However, dryness in sexual organs may result in loss of sensuality and guided personal lubrication may play a positive role here.

However, you should go for products that best suit you’re your body and physique.

Also make sure that there are no side-effects of the product you are choosing.

Do not make an order unless you are completely sure about the medical aspect of the lube.

What makes the Lulu Lube for Women & Men a better choice than the rest?

The Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based lube is by far the best for couples.

At a lesser price it gives you the quality most other lubes.

It is a natural, water-based lube which has some silicone fusion for better feel and texture.

It goes well with both rubber and glass toys. And the best thing is it is equally great oil for massage.

Bottom line

Nights are all the more exciting if you find a lube that pleases you both. Choose wisely and keep skin sensitivities in mind.

Author: Dev Gupta

I have a hyper-active professional life, and an equally exhilarating sex life. Balancing the two has been possible only because of some mind-blowing persona lubricants out there. We keep trying out different products and I update this space regularly on the latest inputs and reviews on lubes from every category. View all posts by

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