Best Lube for Masturbation: Wetter Feels Better

Best Lube for Masturbation

Nothing is even remotely as pleasing as the jolly session of masturbation.

And if you add some wetness to it, things simply start growing. Yes, I’m talking about lubricants for masturbation!

Here’s an interesting piece of stat – Merck Manual records about 97% men and 80% women have masturbated. This percentage tells you how interested people are. After all, masturbation is all about stimulating your own genitals.

For daily masturbation, people use hands, fingers, sex toys and almost any other object that seems convenient and handy. I do not have an objection to that. But fact is, these things could cause unnecessary trouble at times. Our genitals are sensitive parts of the body.

While both female and male genitals produce some lubrication, it is not enough for masturbation on most occasions.

Good lubes for masturbation will delete this issue by adding some extra moisture. Manufacturers are now producing several different lubes for masturbation.

Some of these are specially designed for masturbation but you can use them for other form of intercourse. On the flip side, lubes meant for oral or vaginal sex can easily be used for masturbation too.

Going for the best lube for masturbation is not an easy task really. To help you further with this, I made a well-analyzed chart and reviewed my top picks too. Find a piece of each here.

Straight recommendation: Swiss Navy Premium masturbation cream

Top 7 Masturbation lube comparison chart

Name & BrandTypesGel or LiquidLongevityRating & reviewed
Swiss NavyWater basedGelModerate to high4.1 by 58
Boy ButterOil basedGelModerate to high4.2 by 142
Hybrid LubricantWater& siliconeLiquidModerate4 by 194
Wicked sensualOil basedGelModerate5 by 2
Jack-Aiden/aLiquidModerate5 by 2
Gun Oil Stroke 29Oil basedGelModerate5 by 2
paloqueth lubricantWater basedLiquidHigh4.4 by 165

Gel or liquid!  Which one is best for masturbation?

There is typically one difference between gels and creams, which is of consistency.

Both serve the same purpose.

But creams are thicker when you take them on your fingers and the consistency evens up a minute into use.

The best gels for masturbation give you even consistency right from the get go.

You may go for a cream if you plan longer sessions and want the lube to “rise with you”.

If you are looking at short, quick sessions, go for the gels that are already in their molted state.

Our top 5 recommended lubricant reviews

# Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream

Our impression

Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy is the master of masturbation and we do not intend that be a cliché only.

With the Premium Masturbation formula they strike and stroke you at all the right bends.

In texture, you will find it very similar to something like a Stroke 29.

The start is quite thick as you would expect.

But as soon as the mercury rises, it melts to lubricate you more evenly.

The Premium Masturbation just takes a while to work up the momentum.

And that is exactly why we consider it the only premium masturbation lubricant of the lot.

It responds to the human body’s mechanism near-perfectly.

You feel the intensity and the texture rising with your body.

Nine times out of ten, it peaks with you; which is pretty much the summation of self-lubrication gels.

If a good 10-20 minutes of evenly spaced out fun is what you are looking for, look no further!

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  • Texture spreads out evenly with temperature.
  • Accurate product description.
  • Slippery, not sticky.
  • Just one reapplication in 20 minutes.
  • Works out a great massage cream too.
  • Shorter lived than other creams.
  • May take time to “settle down”.

# Boy Butter Personal Lubricant, Original Formula 

Our impression

Boy Butter

The Personal Lubricant from Boy Butter is based on a blend of vegetable and coconut oil.

The lubricating effect of the formula is quite of the stretched out form that you would prefer for masturbation.

On the straight downside, this will not work for you. The cream is not compatible with latex condoms.

Apart from that, Boy Butter supports all non-latex toys under the sun.

Boy Butter has actually successfully managed to create one of the few non-staining lubes out there.

You can easily have it washed from fabric and just as easily from the skin.

The Personal Lubricant from Boy Butter is also safe to use if you are sensitive to allergies.

The texture and pleasure of the entire experience are not muddled up with skin sensitivity issues.

And it brings to you all the fun at about a third or a fourth of the cost of most silicone masturbating lubes in the market.

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  • Non-staining formula.
  • Lasts as long as silicone lubes.
  • Great at a budget.
  • Work up in under a minute.
  • Holds consistency for the entire duration.
  • Does not support latex condoms.
  • Could reduce sensitivity in some cases.

# Turn On Premium Hybrid Personal Lubricant (8 oz) 

Our impression

Turn On

The Premium Hybrid from Turn On is a great masturbation lubricant chiefly owing to its massaging properties.

It is a water-based lube that brings to you an infusion of silicone for added pleasure.

Besides masturbation, you may use this one from Turn On for foreplay, sexual play and even intercourse.

However, since there is some measure of silicone infusion, you should not ideally use it with silicone sex toys.

While we do not know the exact shelf life of the product, you may keep using it as long as it lasts.

You will also like the discreet packaging on the Premium Hybrid lubricant.

The white bottle and large, catchy font make it look like a high-end moisturizer.

There is just one thing that you need to be careful about with this lube.

When using anal plugs, you should not leave them in there for more than half as hour. They will dry out by then.

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  • Great for massage, masturbation and intercourse.
  • Warm feeling.
  • Water-based with silicone infusion.
  • Great for foreplay sessions.
  • Can be used for shower play too.
  • Does not support silicone toys.
  • Anal plugs dry in half and hour.

# Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Crème Masturbation Cream For Men

Our impression

Wicked Sensual

The Sensual Care from Wicked is an oil-based masturbation cream and comes across as a cruelty-free, vegan way of pleasing yourself.

If you are looking for something that is discreet, purpose-built and free from animal-cruelty, his could well be your product.

While the tube does have the purpose mentioned on it, the packaging is completely unmarked, making the shipping as discreet as you like it.

You may be slightly put-off with the thick, white cream that first pops out of the tube.

But like the best lubes for masturbation, it takes a minute or two before it settles into its own. Just a short while later it gives you a thin, smooth texture that provides excellent lubrication.

The end-effectiveness is top-quality and the lube is very long lasting.

It is only the price point that slightly disappoints, given that it is more expensive than most silicone lubes.

That aside, this is a great lube to hang out with.

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  • Warms up gently and evenly.
  • Provides gentle, relaxing massage.
  • Water-based lube with silicone infusion.
  • Easily cleans up after use.
  • Replicates silicone texture.
  • Costs more than silicone lubrication.
  • Not better than professional masturbation lubes.

# Zero Tolerance Jack Aide Medium Density Masturbation Lubricant

Our impression

Zero Tolerance Jack

The Jack Aide masturbation lubricant from Zero Toleranceis a personal lubricant for masturbation that gives you freedom from the sticky texture of most personal lubricants.

There are a few straight points that the Jack Aide hits well.

For a first, you will get even texture in the lubricant – right from the moment you take it into your hand till the job is done.

It does not dry out soon like other water-based lubricants.

While there is no real silicone in the lube, the lube texture perfectly emulates that of standard silicone lubes.

It is slick without being sticky, which is often the problem with most lubes.

Since the Jack Aide is a water-based lube, it will not leave any stains on your sheet and body.

You may also use this lube for anal play without any major difficulty.

Frequent reapplication and sensitivity would be the only limitations for this lube.

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  • Great for anal sex.
  • Better texture than silicone lubes.
  • Water-based lube, does not stain.
  • Can be used for foreplay and anal sex.
  • Not the fastest lubrication.
  • Needs frequent reapplication.
  • May cause sensitivity issues.

What characteristics you’ll look for when buying a lube for masturbation?

  • Select those lubes which are silky and smooth: There is slight difference between masturbation lubes and lubes for intercourse. For masturbation, extreme importance is given to the external silky feel. There is really to internal dimension to it. Hence, you will have to certain that the lube feels silky and smooth right from the start. Read our reviews on individual lubes to know more about this.
  • Avoid lubes made of harmful ingredient: Chemical lubes are known to contain several ingredients like parabens and acetylenes that may cause irritation and burn on skin. Make every effort to avoid these lubes and go for more natural, organic lubes. These lubes give you the same experience without ever attempting to exploit sensitivities of your skin.
  • Ease to clean: Cleaning stains after a nice healthy session of masturbation is a total kill-joy. And this often the case with most silicone lubes. If you are looking to avoid stains, go for something that is water-based and does not stain the sheets and your body. Most of these lubes can easily be cleaned with water.
  • Avoid warming and cooling lube: It is always safe to avoid something that alters the temperature of the body. While many like the feeling that is associated with temperature variation, you should ideally go for something that does not go beyond the natural temperature of the body. You never know how your body reacts under what circumstances.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Can I use shampoo or conditioner for masturbate

Shampoo or conditioner can be used for masturbation if it only lubrication that you seek. If you are looking for warmth and pleasure at the same time, it is best to go for lubes that have been built for the purpose. Also, you will note that shampoos and conditioners are not built for application on the nether regions.While not drastic, there can be consequences. So, it is safest to use custom lubrication when choosing for a masturbation aid. 

  • Is shaving gel is a good choice for masturbation?

No, shaving gels are not just odd for the purpose, they could result in serious skin reactions if applies on the sensitive organs of the body. Shaving gels have elements that make thick hair soft, and protect against steel blades. You definitely do not want that chemical lingering down there. While you may just pass on normally, the consequences could vary between light itching and intense boils. It is always safer to go with a little research and choose an external lubricant.

What makes the Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream a better choice than the rest?

As the name puts it out flatly, Swiss Navy Premium is a top-grade masturbation cream.

And if you have a second thought about that, know that it warms up in tune with your mood.

The texture of the lube breaks down gently on application.

The feeling is slippery and not sticky.

While most lubes advertise this, only the premium masturbation cream for Swiss Navy gets it done for you.

Bottom line

Getting a good lube for masturbation just might multiply the entire experience for you. Go with preparation and find a one that suits you.

Author: Dev Gupta

I have a hyper-active professional life, and an equally exhilarating sex life. Balancing the two has been possible only because of some mind-blowing persona lubricants out there. We keep trying out different products and I update this space regularly on the latest inputs and reviews on lubes from every category. View all posts by

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