Best Lube for Shower: Genuine Lubrication for Wet Fun

Best Lube for Shower

Sex under the shower seems to click for many couples now.

If you haven’t done it yet, you are missing out of some genuine fun.

Now, you may have a plan to raise storm in you hot tub. And I totally appreciate that. Some of my friends have already cooked the right recipe in there. But unfortunately, many people I know seem to have messed it up when under the shower. No, it wasn’t their fault in any way.

It is just that they were not using the right personal lubricant under the shower.

For the most part, genitals are perfectly capable of producing lubrication. But under the shower, most natural lubrication is lost to the wash. The subsequent friction can cause irritation and a burning sensation. In wilder cases, this can cause tissues to tear apart.

You can solve the puzzle with a good lube for shower sex.Since there is a lot of water involved, most lubricants are not suitable for shower sex. For shower sex, silicone based lubes hold the upper hand over most other forms of personal lubes.

And it’s not just me making this recommendation to you. Sexual wellness experts have done it already. On her official website, DR. DEBBY HERBENICK recommends silicone-based lubrication for shower sex. In this article I will tell you what makes silicone-based lubes ideal for shower sex.

To help you get to a great lube for shower sex, I made a comparison chart and reviewed my top picks. I hope my research will help you have some enjoyable shower sex the way you like it –vaginal, oral or anal.

Straight recommendation: The Intimate Lubricant from Healthy Vibes

Top 7 shower lube comparison chart

Name & BrandTypesBest forLongevityRating & reviewed
Swiss NavySilicone basedVaginal & analHigh4.6 by 838
Penchant PremiumSilicone basedVaginal sexHigh4.7 by 643
Healthy VibesSilicone basedVaginal sexHigh4.6 by 251
Wet PlatinumSilicone basedVaginal & analModerate to high4.5 by 516
I-d MillenniumSilicone basedVaginal sexModerate5 by 1
CoconuOil basedVaginal sexModerate to high4.4 by 64
Gu OilOil basedVaginal sexModerate4.3 by 35

Water or silicon based lubricant? Which one is ideal choice for shower sex?

Water-based lubes get a straight no for shower sex. These lubes are soluble in water and wash away the moment it comes in contact with water.

Silicone lubes are not soluble in water and last quite a white under the shower or inside the bathtub.

And if fun under water is what you are looking for, you should ideally go for the silicone based lubes.

These lubes do well to keep you lubricated down under while in contact with water.

The ones that are specially designed for shower sex give you the same wet and dry lube experience.

Our recommended top 5 shower lube reviews

# MD Science Labs Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant

Our impression

Swiss Navy

The Swiss Navy Personal Lubricant from MD Science Labs is a long lasting silicone lube that brings you a velvety finish.

It is made with the best grade silicone you get in the market.

The viscosity is not too thick.

It is just like you are felling olive oil on your fingers.

While in action under shower, the gel does not dry out on you.

It also does not make you feel sticky.

It almost emulates the “barely there” rule for lubes.

The Swiss Navy does not cause any irritation on skin.

Unlike many other varieties of silicone lubes, you will not have a hard time washing this one off.

Apply a little soap and it washes off easily.

Unlike glycerin, the Swiss Navy personal lube does not get soaked into your body, which makes it an ideal lube for shower sex.

It has discrete packaging and mentions no words that will make your parents uncomfortable.

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  • Discreet packaging, nothing gross mentioned.
  • Soft and velvety feel.
  • Silicone sensation; does not wash away with water.
  • Only as dense as olive oil.
  • Slightly leaky plastic packaging.
  • May stain bed sheets.
  • Could need reapplication.

# Personal Lubricant by Penchant - The Best Silicone Lube for Men

Our impression


The Penchant Personal Lubricant shows a lot of promise right at the start as the company guarantees 30-day money-back on dissatisfaction.

You will like how the uniquely built formula lasts on your body like forever.

You may as well just keep going under the shower for hours together.

The lube will still be there as you applied.

Need of reapplication is simply negligible. Along with that, the packaging is so discreetly done that it looks like a sophisticated moisturizer.

The Penchant lube is especially suited for those who are prone to allergies.

It is completely free from glycerin and parabens.

However, it does have other chemicals that give it its slick texture. You can easily have it cleaned with little soap.

And before you do that, we would like to remind you there are many places where the Personal Lubricant from Penchant can be brought into use.

The quality of silicone used in the lube is commendable as well.

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  • Uses best grade silicone, lasts very long.
  • Does not dry out hours after application.
  • Works well in under shower or inside tub.
  • Subpar plastic packaging causes leakage.
  • Difficult mechanism of the flip bottle.

# Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant (8 Fl Oz)

Our impression

 Intimate Lubricant

For silicone base lubes, the greatest fear you have is the lube will get sticky on you.

The Intimate Lubricant from Healthy Vibes makes a genuine bid to rid you of that feeling.

The premium quality silicone they have used on the lube ensures that the lube does not get tacky or sticky.

The silicone platinum formula of the lube lasts you quite a while and is smooth as silk.

Healthy Vibes has used the highest quality ingredients in the Intimate Lubricant to give the lube thorough water resistance capabilities.

The overall experience is highly sensuous and leaves you demanding for more.

The Intimate Lubricant also doubles up sensitivity in your nether regions, making every shower sex session a party of sensory overload.

You may also team this up with latex or condom.

This lube has been approved by the FDA and it is 100% safe to be used on the body.

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  • Free from parabens, glycerin and odor.
  • Works well on vaginal dryness and after menopause.
  • Totally safe for body; FDA approved.
  • Uses best quality silicone and other ingredients.
  • Slightly difficult to wash off.
  • Inconsistent pump function.
  • Highly priced.

# Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant 3.1 oz

Our impression

Wet Platinum

The Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant is a silicone based lubricant that brings to life every shade of discreet packaging.

It is a silicone based lube and I you have already tried other silicone-based lubes, you would know that this thing provides sensual moisturizing.

And you can achieve dreamy shower sex with the Wet Platinum lube.

While it does not give you the freedom to use with condoms like most water-based personal lubricants do, it gives you tons of fun inside the tub and under the shower.

The Wet Platinum is not sticky like other silicone lubes.

It also has better flavor than most silicones you have used so far.

The texture is also “smoother” compared to the sticky feel you get with most silicone lubes around the market.

You will love how the Wet Platinum conducts heat inside a water environment, making it feel almost surreal when you are at it.

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  • Nice smooth texture, does not feel sticky.
  • Conducts heat really well.
  • Takes little time for application.
  • Great under tub and inside shower.
  • Not compatible with silicone toys.
  • Leaky bottle, loose cap.

# I-D Millennium Silicone Lubricant, 8.5-Ounce Bottle

Our impression

I-D Millennium

The I-D Millennium gives you long lasting pleasure like most silicone lubes.

Since it is an insoluble lube, you may expect it to perform in showers, tubs and pools.

It will not dry out soon and you will enjoy self-pleasuring with this lube.

Unlike some silicone lubes, the I-D Millennium is very smooth and the texture resembles water-based lubes in some ways.

It is also among very few odorless silicon lubes.

You will be awestruck on how well it maintains the “slippery” property even an hour into use.

However, there are some issues with the packaging of I-D.

The packaging has been recently changed and many customers complained of the packaging bursting open during the shipping.

But the company claims that they have fixed the packaging issue once and for all.

Apart from that little downside, this is one of the best silicone lubes for both shower sex and masturbation.

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  • Great lube for masturbation.
  • Lasts for hours, even in water.
  • Very slick, non-sticky texture.
  • Seldom needs reapplication.
  • Does not stain body or sheets.
  • Package leakage issues during transit.
  • Inconvenient bottle causes some difficulty.

What makes the Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant (8 Fl Oz) By Healthy Vibes a better choice than the rest?

The Intimate Lubricant from Healthy Vibes is one of the few lubes that combine great shower performance with naturalness.

As it is, there is no glycerin or parabens in the lube.

It works well even after menopause.

It is a total ace in dealing with dryness in the vagina.

It is FDA approved and it safe for use on the body as well. You get top grade silicone.

Bottom line

Good shower sex is such a mood changer! Allow a great silicone lube to add more to the experience.

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