Best Oil Based Lube: Lubrication, Hydration, Relaxation and More

Oil based Lube

Who doesn’t enjoy some steamy massage before sex?

And what if you did not have to swap oil and lube between massage and sex?

Yes, I am speaking of oil-based lubricants. No other lube out there will give you sensual massages like oil based lubes.

The massaging ability of oil-based lubes does not eat into their capacity to stimulate other forms of sex too.

Oil-based lubricants are known for their super-silky texture and long lasting lubrication which lasts through sessions at times. I personally know many users who would prefer oil-based lubrication over other lubricants.

But using oil-based lubrication requires you to bring a few things under consideration. For example, oil-based lubes are not safe for use with latex condoms. The condom may tear away, causing an unwanted pregnancy.

Another important think I must tell you is oil based lubes are not easy to clean. It sticks on to both the skin and sex toys. Some extra cleaning up is required post every session.

The method and manner of using an oil-based lube is totally up to you. But all that (and more) will come into play only when you get the choice of the product right.

Since we already have several oil based products in the market, you will have a tough time drawing out shopping parameters. Allow me help you through this part.

I have reviewed some of the best oil-based lubricants available online for you and made a comparison chart on it too. Read to find out what needs they serve and what pleasures you derive.

Straight recommendation: Boy Butter Personal Lubricant

Why oil based lubricants are the best choice for body massaging?

If you plan to have a short massage session before hitting the bed, you should totally go for something that is a lube and doubles up as massage oil.

Not only is the decision an economical one, but also a convenient one.

You excuse the need for two different products and achieve better moisturizing in the process.

Oil based lubricants are generally made with organic and body-friendly materials, which is the natural choice of materials for lubes as well. The agendas match!

Top 7 Oil based lube comparison chart

Viamax Organic GlideViamax Organic GlidevaginalModerate to high$$
Gun Oil  LubricantGun OilVaginal
& anal
Coconu Organic LubricantCoconu Organic MassageHigh$$
YES Personal YES PersonalvaginalModerate to high$$
Aloe CadabraAloe Cadabravaginal drynessModerate to high$
Boy Butter LubricantBoy ButtervaginalHigh$$
 Bonklube Organic Lubricant Bonklube OrganicSensitive skinModerate$

Our top 5 oil based lube reviews

# Viamax Organic Glide – Organic and Oil Based Lubricant

Our Impression


Invite a little of ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian knowledge of natural herbs right into your bedroom with the Organic Glide from Viamax.

It is made of natural plant butters like cocoa butter and shea butter.

These oils provide creamy lubrication.

The product is completely organic and you will not find or feel any presence of chemicals, preservatives, parabens, petroleum or glycerin in it.

But you will have to consider the fact that this is thicker than most of the lubes you might have used.

Despite the thicker texture to it, the lube really glides and does not stick to the skin.

You easily achieve penetration with it without any noticeable desensitization.

The texture of the lube also gently soothes and moisturizes the skin along with the intimate areas, giving you advanced vitality and health.

The facility of creation of the Organic glide has been certified by FDA.

It is even recommended by gynecologists and doctors.

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  • Use of plant-based butters.
  • Soothing texture.
  • Created in certified facility.
  • Recommended by gynecologists.
  • No use or glycerin, parabens, preservatives or petroleum.
  • Very thick for general lube users.
  • Pretty difficult to clean.

# Boy Butter Personal Lubricant, Original Formula 

Our impression

Boy Butter

The Personal Lubricant from Boy Butter brings you a beautiful blend of vegetable and oil fused together.

You cannot help notice how the performance of the lube is distinctly long lasting.

As long as the toys you are using are free from latex, this product is good to go.

It is not compatible with latex and that is a bit of a downside.

Apart from that, the lube does not stain you or mattress, is very organic and washes off easily from fabric and skin.

If you have sensitive skin and are predominantly allergic to use of lubes, you will find true joy in the Personal Lubricant by Boy Butter.

We will have to say that the performance really peaks for people with sensitive skin.

The formula used by Boy Butter is both flavorless and odorless.

There is added organic silicone that helps the coconut oil attain better efficiency.

You can use it with silicone toys.

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  • Coconut-oil based formula.
  • Can be used with silicone toys.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • Washes off sheets and skin easily.
  • Organic silicone used for better texture.
  • Does not go well with latex toys.
  • Could feel too thick to some.

# YES Personal Lubricant Oil based Formula | Organic Intimate Lubricant

Our impression

YES Personal Lubricant

The Personal Lubricant by YES carries only organic and natural ingredients that have been certified by the soil association of the UK.

Since the product has been made for customers who like organic sexual wellness, you will not feel or find any scent or chemical in the Personal Lubricant.

There are no parabens, chemicals and the product is completel hypoallergenic.

The lubricant is very rich in hydration and is long lasting to help enhance sensuality and intimacy.

The downside with the Personal Lubricant like the downside with most other oil-based lubricants is that you cannot really hope to use them with latex toys and condoms.

You may even try oral play after using it since the lubricant is very much edible. There are no petroleum products.

The oil used in it is sunflower seed oil.

If you are an older couple, this is your time machine to the brighter age.

You will regain virility even if the menstrual cycle has stopped for you.

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  • Works well for women after menopause.
  • Certified by Soil association of the UK.
  • Very rich hydration.
  • Restores sensuality and intimacy.
  • Not the best one for sex.
  • Very ugly and misleading packaging.

# Personal Lubricant - Certified Organic Bonklube Natural Oil Based Lube for Men and Women

Our impression

Bonklube Natural Oil Based Lube

The Organic Bonklube personal lubricant works hard for both men and women.

It is oil-based and naturally suited for people with sensitive skin types.

It works well to reduce irritation and dryness. Since it does away with any dryness that may persist, your love making sessions suddenly become all the more ecstatic.

It is certified organic and has been made in New Zealand.

While the lube is very safe for use with silicone toys, you cannot exercise similar liberty with the latex ones.

There is a unique blend of butter and natural oils that give the lube a kind of creamy consistency that is neither too slick nor very thick.

You will actually like how the consistency breaks away and melts on contact, as soon as the purpose of the lube is solved.

With a slightly thicker consistency, another good thing is that it does not trickle down, which we believe is a problem with several oil based lubes.

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  • No tricking effect like other oil-based lubes.
  • Made with shea butter, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter.
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • Works with silicone toys.
  • Cannot be used with latex toys.
  • Consistency could be an issue for some.

# YES Personal Lubricant - Oil Based Madagascar Vanilla Scented 

Our impression

YES oil based lube

There is not much YES cannot do when it comes to personal lubrication. The Madagascar from YES is made with certified organic and natural ingredients.

The oil-based formula is as luxurious as it gets and you are enhanced with the slight smell of Madagascan Vanilla.

Like most other products from YES, the Madagascar personal lubricant has a rick feeling about it and you can very much feel the butters and oils in it just by holding it in your hands.

The Madagascar does not just lubricate land for you.

It also nourishes and moisturizes skin.

It reduces vaginal dryness and you will find better use of this if your bodily health is not in its peak.

For older women, it is like discovering a buttery patch on a land of sand (pun totally intended). And you can’t help admiring the fact that despite being oil-based, the Madagascar feels very much like a water-based lubricant.

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  • Very rich texture and feel.
  • Naturally hydrating formula, moisturizing action.
  • Great for older women.
  • Alleviates dryness in vagina over a period.
  • Thicker than water based lubes.
  • Not the most invigorating formula.

What makes the Boy Butter Personal Lubricant a better choice than the rest?

The Personal Lubricant from Boy Butter is about $10 costlier than the standard oil based lube that you find out there.

Yet, we feel it is too much to contain for the features it brings to you.

It is perhaps the only decent coconut-oil based lube in the market.

Unlike many other lubes, it can be used with silicone toys.

But the real joy of using this is in how easily it washes off from the skin and the sheets.

That convenience is unlike anything you have seen on oil-based lubes so far.

Bottom line

Buying a decent oil based personal lubricant is something that you will have to take up in detail. Place your cards right and you will have a product worth cherishing.

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