Best Silicone Based Lube: Lesser Friction, Greater Thrill

Silicone based lube

After water-based lubricants, silicone-based lubes are the most popular personal lubes. Their popularity is rising every day for admissible attributes.

Silicone in lubes is derived from altering the composition of silicone and oxygen atoms. The resulting silicone can have different forms. The best results are offered by the form where the liquid form participates as the prime ingredient in the lube. That’s how we get silicone based lubes.

The lack of water in the composition of silicone-based lubes is the reason it is not absorbed by the skin or mucus membranes. This makes silicone-based lubes last way longer than any other form of personal lubricant. So you do not have to pause for reapplication with silicone lubricants.

Today, people are a lot more open about their varied sexual interests. And it is in our nature to look for something new every time. Most of us start our sex lives with vaginal sex. With time, we are tempted to try more exciting things like anal sex.

Silicone-based lubes hold good for both forms of intercourse. It is a particularly good companion for anal sex. Above all, silicone lubes are a real blessing for homosexuals. But finding a great silicone lube can be a tough ask at times. To make it easier, I made an exclusive comparison chart and reviewed my top five picks.

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2 big misconceptions about silicone based lube

Like it is with most sexual wellness products, there are some misconceptions about silicone-based lubes as well. The first one is their non-compatibility with sex toys. Another popular notion is silicone-based lubes cause irritation around the genitals.

But interestingly enough, studies point out silicone-based lubes do better at holding the moisturizing effect when compared to water-based lubes. Yes, silicone-based lubes can be a little more difficult to clean up. But a little amount of liquid soap does the job well.

Another rather common notion is that silicone-based lubes are somewhat expensive. But throw a closer look at the market and you will find many silicone lubes that are actually quite cheap.

Top 7 silicon based lube comparison

ImageName & BrandBest forLongevityPrice
Swiss navySwiss navyVaginalHigh$$
Wet PlatinumWet PlatinumVaginalModerate to high$
Pjur Analyze MePjur Analyze MeAnal sexHigh$$
Intimate Lube By LuxxxIntimate Lube By LuxxxVaginalHigh$$
Personal Lubricant by Penchant PenchantVaginalHigh$$$
 Healthy Vibes Healthy Vibes VaginalHigh$$
Premium lube by swiss navy swiss navy PremiumAnal sexModerate$$

Top 5 recommende silicon based lubricant reviews

# Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant (8 Fl Oz) By Healthy Vibes

Our impression

Healthy Vibes

This amazing product from Healthy Vibes has been carefully designed and manufactured for both men and women and offers extra lubrication and is capable of increasing the natural production of lubrication in the body.

It is great for removing any kind of unwanted friction in bed for a healthier and more enjoyable sexual experience.

The lube relieves vaginal dryness and can safely be used by both pregnant women and menopausal women.

The formula for this product is FDA approved as it is glycerin free, paraben free and hypoallergenic.

The product lasts a long time and it never feels tacky or sticky.

None of your sheets or clothes are stained and the lube has a unique texture that feels smooth and natural to the touch.

The lube can safely be used with any kind of condoms, latex and non-silicone sex toys.

It is also sugar free which means that there is no risk of infection.

This product has been made in the USA and one of the best aspects is that there is no discernible flavor or odor.

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  • High grade silicone used in ingredients.
  • No stickiness or tackiness.
  • Silky smooth texture.
  • Lasts long time.
  • Water resistant product.
  • Condom and latex compatible.
  • Package is not very durable and tends to leak.
  • Very hard to clean up after usage.

# PREMIUM Silicone Based Lubricant (8 oz) by Swiss Navy

Our impression

Swiss Navy personal lubricant

Swiss Navy is one of the most reputed brands in the industry and therefore, it comes as no surprise that the personal lubricant produced by the company would be of premium quality and would become a bestselling item.

When you buy the Premium Silicone Based Lubricant from the brand you are sure to get the finest ingredients available and the company makes no compromises in terms of quality.

The process of production is detailed, with the finest ingredients being blended into three unique formulas – silicone, water based and water based flavors.

This indicates that the final item boasts of high levels of slickness and glide that makes the entire sexual experience more intense and enjoyable.

Swiss Navy premium lubes are packaged very well and come in a patented, leak proof, lockable pump bottle which means that you do not have to worry about keeping it safe and sound at all time.

The sleek packaging looks right at home on the nightstand.

It is highly travel friendly and is not prone to making any kind of mess or spills.

The product does not stain the sheets.

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  • Highest grade silicone in market used as ingredient.
  • Compatible with condoms.
  • Silicone safe.
  • Can be used with sex toys.
  • No health risk from ingestion.
  • Should not be used on sensitive skin.
  • Viscosity of lube is extremely low.
  • Hard to clean up.

# Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant 3.1 oz

Our impression

Wet Platinum

Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant is an amazing personal lubricant which is extremely slick in terms of texture and offers a lot of pleasure during sex.

The best part is that it does not dry up or gel. Easy to clean up, you can have a lot of fun with this lube and not have to worry about staining your clothes or bed sheets.

The product is not sticky at all and can be washed off easily without any sort of hassle.

There is no powerful flavor or odor which makes it an ideal choice for many and the texture of the product is highly natural and does not feel like a silicone based lube.

Wet lube is not compatible with silicone based toys.

However, it does conduct heat nicely and everything feels pleasantly smooth.

Great for use in the shower or under water since it does not wash off very easily.

Being waterproof, it can be removed from the body only after washing with soap.

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  • Made in the USA.
  • Discreet packaging.
  • No flavor.
  • No stickiness.
  • Compatible with all non-silicone sex toys.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Compatible for use in shower.
  • Leakage may occur due to poor quality of bottle.
  • Quantity is very less.

# Personal Lubricant by Penchant

Our impression

Penchant silicon based lube

Penchant has come up with a new and unique product in the form of a silicone personal lubricant that can be used by both men and women.

The packaging of this lubricant is exquisite and the product itself is extremely pleasurable and smooth with a silky feel.

Only the finest and most premium quality ingredients are used in the production of this lube and the difference can immediately be felt by users.

Luxurious to the touch, this product lasts a long time and offers an incredible feeling.

The non-sticky and non-drying properties of this personal lubricant make it highly desirable and the elegantly packaged bottle looks like a high end moisturizer that does not need to be hidden.

Due to the high quality ingredients used in the product, it has received 510K approval rating from the FDA.

There is no paraben in the product and it is manufactured in the USA.

The cost of this silicone based lubricant is very low.

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  • Lasts a very long time.
  • Compatible for use by both men and women.
  • FDA approved.
  • Works in water.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Does not suit sensitive skin.
  • Flimsy cap on bottle prone to leakage.
  • Poor consistency.

#Intimate Silicone Lubricant ByLuxxx Beauty 8 Oz

Our impression

Luxxx Beauty

This is a great product from Luxxx Beauty that promises to offer you extreme sexual pleasure.

The product is targeted mainly towards women and has been designed and manufactured by women as well. However, men can use the product without any qualms since it is totally safe.

Compatible with latex and condoms, the product works to reduce friction during sex and increases the sexual stimulation in women through the creation of a smooth and slick barrier.

This also improves the natural production of lubricant in the body.

The product is made in the USA with the help of the highest quality ingredients.

The product by Luxxx Beauty has been designed for the most intimate and sensitive areas and so it is completely non-toxic in nature and hypoallergenic as well.

The lubricant may be used to improve foreplay and all types of sexual experiences.

Safe for use on a daily basis, the product is free of any stimulants and promotes the well being of women.

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  • Smooth and light to the touch.
  • Relieves painful and irritating vaginal dryness.
  • FDA approved formula.
  • Compatible with latex and condoms.
  • Suitable for pregnant women.
  • Can be used by pre and post-menopausal women.
  • Not compatible with silicone sex toys.
  • Bottle tends to leak if not kept uright.

What is silicon based lubricant?

Silicone based lubricants are a type of personal lube that do not contain any water and are usually composed of less than four different ingredients.

They offer a separate feel from other lubricants and are not absorbed by the mucus membrane or skin, and so tend to last longer in comparison to water based lubricants.

There are numerous varieties of silicon lubes available commercially, all of which differ in terms of performance and quality.

Though they are not labelled as latex-safe, silicone lubes have not been known to increase HIV transmission risk at the time of anal intercourse.

Silicon based lubricant ingredients

Silicone based lubricants have various ingredients present in them that enable you to have sex without any kind of pain or discomfort.

Most of the ingredients are chemical in nature rather than organic and the most important ones happen to be Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol.

Some brands of lubricants might contain spermicide and so it is necessary that you always pay attention to the ingredients prior to usage.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • Can silicon based lube damage your condom? Silicone based lubes are perfectly fine for use with condoms and you can enjoy intercourse with your partner using silicone lubes without the risk of damaging the condom. Oil based lubricants are the ones you should be wary of for use with condoms but silicone lubes work just fine.
  • Can I use silicon based lube with my sex toys? Silicone based lubricants are compatible with most sex toys but it is best to avoid silicone based sex toys. This is due to the fact that silicone tends to bind with silicone and with extensive use, the toy is going to become weird and sticky and might eventually start to peel.
  • Can I use silicon based lubricant for masturbation? Silicone based lubricants are great for masturbation as they are inherently slick and smooth and allow you to pleasure yourself without the risk of friction burns or discomfort. They are easier to cleanup than oil based lubricants and tend to last longer in comparison to water based lubes.

It’s time to decide

There are too many silicone based lubricants available in the market but among them one of the most high performance lubes is definitely the PREMIUM Silicone Based Lubricant (8 oz) by Swiss Navy.

Not only is it extremely comfortable to use and provides intense sexual pleasure but it is also rather moderately priced which makes it great value for money.

Bottom line

You should always pick a silicone based personal lubricant that suits your personal needs and requirements and should conduct some research before randomly buying a product from the market.

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