Astroglide vs. KY! Which is the Best?

Astroglide vs. KY

Want to get the best angle to the Astroglide V KY lubricant battle? Let us start with some statistics.

As of 2016, 48.39 million Americans were using some form of personal lubrication. Breaking the number further, some 27.3 million use K-Y lubricants. Another 7.1 million would side with Astroglide. These numbers clearly reveal the immense popularity of these two brands.

Now, what could be the reason behind this huge popularity? For one, both brands have maintained the highest quality-levels in the personal lubricant industry. They offer personal lubricants in all categories – water-based, silicone-based and even temperature-altering.

Irrespective of the form of intercourse that excites you, manufacturers like Astroglide and K-Y have something ready for you. And just as importantly, these are also among the cheapest ones available in the market.

As brands, Astroglide and K-Y have been in circulation for years. And more than anyone else, they realize that they need the most updated products to catch the attention of their buyers. For this reason alone, they keep revising the formulas of their products.

This only makes the two even more popular and the choice for their customers becomes harder.

We just made it easier for you with an attribute-centric comparison chart with all details you need. Also catch some reviews on the best lubes by both the brands.

Top 6 Astroglide and KY comparison chart

ImageName & brandTypesBest ForLongevityRating & reviewed byPrice
K-Y Yours and MineK-Y Yours & MineWater basedStimulatingHigh3.2 reviewed by 121$$
Astroglide Warming LubricantAstroglide Warming LubricantWater basedStimulatingModerate3.7 reviewed by 64$
K-Y Liquid LubricantK-Y Liquid LubricantWater basedVaginal sexHigh4.5 reviewed by 89$$
Astroglide Personal LubricantAstroglide Personal LubricantWater basedVaginal sexHigh4.6 reviewed by 649$$$
K-Y Lubricant JellyK-Y Lubricant JellyWater basedVaginal sexHigh4.4 reviewed by 422$$
Astroglide JellyAstroglide JellyWater basedVaginal sexHigh4.3 reviewed by 304$

Let’s wipe out two big misconception

An important issue would be the use of Glycerin and parabens by both the brands. Most people are apprehensive about use of these two chemicals in lubes. But even after this knowledge, why do so many people use lubes manufactured by these brands?

Basically, paraben kills microorganisms like yeast, bacteria and mold. So you have a personal lubricant that ensures you are free from threatening microbes.

Another common rumor about paraben is that it causes cancer. For the record, the American Cancer Society has cleared the air on this. Paraben is not a carcinogen – it never causes cancer.

Another lot of people think glycerin is a popular cause of yeast infection. However, it is useful to know that bacteria and yeast feed on sugar and not on sugar alcohol.

And glycerin is sugar alcohol and not sugar. So you are just as safe as you were before using the lube.(source)

Above all, government approved doctors have given clearance to lubes from both the brands. You do not have a reason to worry.

2 recommended Astroglide lubes

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Our impression


There are many brands that develop and manufacture lubricants targeted towards couples and individuals who want to have a good time in bed and explore their sexual interests.

One of them is Astroglide and there are very few companies that have been able to match up to it in terms of popularity, thanks to its myriad products that cater to the requirements of the consumers and provide them with exactly what they want in an exciting and discreet manner.

This new product from the brand is a water based formula and it has been developed carefully after years of research and boasts of improved feel and performance.

Since this happens to be a water based personal lubricant, you can safely use this lube with any sort of condoms and adult toys.

The best part is that you can enjoy both partner experiences as well as solo sessions when you use this amazing lube.

Not only does it wash away with water very easily but it also does not stain your clothes and bed sheets.

Buy from Amazon

  • Acts as good quality moisturizer.
  • Compatible with condoms.
  • Water soluble product.
  • Can be used to increase sexual pleasure.
  • Recommended by doctors.
  • Thickness is a bit too much for anal sex.
  • Distracting bittersweet taste.
  • Extremely slippery.

# ASTROGLIDE LUB 4OZ (Pack of 3)

Our impression


This gel based product from Astroglide offers lubrication to the users with the intention of improving the level of ease and comfort they experience during sex.

This stuff is both water soluble as well as water based and so it is free to use with condoms.

Moreover, this gel has moisturizing properties and can be used by both sexes, thereby acting as a sort of personal lubricator for women suffering from dryness of the vagina.

The Astroglide gel is capable of offering lubrication to facilitate the insertion of douches, enemas, rectal thermometers and various types of nozzles.

If you wish to enhance the use and feel of condoms, all you need to do is simply add a tiny amount of this gel to the outer and inner surfaces.

It is important that every couple d uses this gel for additional pleasure and comfort.

Any discomfort that you feel during sex will be resolved once you use this product.

In fact, there is no sensation of discomfort and the sexual act occurs very smoothly.

Buy from Amazon

  • Sufficient quantity of lubricant in one tube.
  • Packaging is very discreet.
  • Water-based personal lubricant.
  • Gel instead of liquid.
  • Just the right amount of slipperiness.
  • Dries up rather fast.
  • Consistency of product is very thick.

2 recommended KY lubes

K-Y Liquid Personal Water Based Lubricant, 5 Ounce

Our impression

K-Y Liquid

K-Y is one of the most popular brands in the industry and the company is reputed for producing high quality sex products that enable couples to improve their sexual enjoyment.

The brand is very careful not to allow any individual below the age of 18 years to purchase this product.

This particular product from K-Y is highly innovative and improves your sex life since it lasts a long time, thereby allowing you to experience greater intimacy with your partner.

This product works so good that it is recommended by doctors.

The entire substance is water-based and is fully compatible with rubbers composed of latex.

You now no longer need to worry about investing in a product that you cannot enjoy protected sex with.

The personal lubricant is made using a special hydro-liquid formula that gives you the chance to experience each aspect of your intimate times with heightened sensitivity.

You do not need to worry about this product acting as any sort of contraceptive, nor does this contain spermicide.

Buy from Amazon

  • No spermicide present in product.
  • Compatible with rubbers made of latex.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Innovative hydro-liquid formula improves sexual pleasure.
  • Does not possess contraceptive properties.
  • Consistency of lube is too watery.
  • Becomes extremely sticky real fast.

# K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant, 3 Ounce

Our impression


This amazing product from K-Y has the capacity to improve your sexual life due to the fact that instead of going for a traditional “one lube suits all” approach, it comes packaged with two individual bottles of lube – one meant for your pleasure, the other meant for your partner’s.

The two personal lubricants elicit different sensations and they can lead to a lot of fun in the boudoir.

Intimate activities acquire a whole new dimension when you add a little bit of this stuff into the mix.

The two formulas included in the package offer either a warming sensation or a gentle, tingling one, based on your preference.

In order to distinguish between the two, they are packaged separately – one in a royal blue bottle and the other in a lush purple one, respectively.

Each item has been designed for the purpose of improving and complementing passionate moments.

Once combined, both these formulas form an entirely new feeling for your pleasure.

Buy from Amazon

  • Meant for couples.
  • Offers diverse pleasure to members of both sexes.
  • Recommended by doctors.
  • Fully compatible with latex condoms.
  • Trusted brand in the USA.
  • Stickiness is way too much.
  • Product is very weak.
  • Dries very fast.

Astroglide brand


For many decades, Astroglide has amassed a loyal band of fans thanks to its silky and slippery texture that is highly enjoyable and enhances the sexual sensations.

The item is a perennial favorite and the makers have enriched it with a new formula that adds to the thickness of the lube, thereby making it the suitable choice for couples who wish to experience something that is not as watery as liquid but not as gooey as a gel.

This is truly a very versatile lubricant.

KY brand


KY is a very popular sexual lubricant and it is basically a personal lubricating jelly which boasts of a water-based formula that is extra thick which enables the substance to remain in the area where it is applied.

Numerous doctors have recommended this stuff and a lot of users tend to find pleasure owing to its slick texture.

The makers of this substance have had more than a hundred years to perfect this product and it is currently the choice of lube for numerous couples all across the world.

Differences between Astroglide& KY !

The differences between Astroglide and KY are rather distinct and they basically stem from the composition of these two personal lubricants.

Astroglide boasts of a thicker formula that makes it a highly versatile lube.

However, it tends to become stringy and sticky if you continue to use it for extended periods of time.

KY gel does not have this problem.

KY, on the other hand, tends to dry up really fast which is not the problem with Astroglide.

Thus, when you are using the latter, you do not need to reapply the substance frequently.

KY also possesses a very overpowering scent along with an equally distracting flavor which is not the case with Astroglide.

Similarities between Astroglide& KY !

KY and Astroglide tend to be equal in a lot of ways.

Both of them tend to possess the same sort of texture – silky, soft and luxuriously thick – and this is a great way to reduce the friction generated during sex between you and your partner.

Even if you are flying solo, the consistency of these two lubes is ideal for producing the maximum amount of pleasure.

The two lubes, Astroglide and KY also possess similar kinds of formulas that do not stain your clothes and bedsheets and have a clear and discreet appearance.

The packaging of the two lube brands is also quite similar, adding a whole lot of convenience through their ease of access at the time of your sex and minimizing the amount of spillage.

It’s time to decide.....

Both KY and Astroglide have their share of advantages and benefits and it is up to you to decide which one suits you better.K-Y has had decades of experience in perfecting their lube formula but Astroglide is not far off, and both these companies have earned a distinction in the industry of being the go-to lubes for couples.

This is why choosing one out of the two is very difficult and it all boils down to how you are going to use the substance as well as your personal preferences.

Bottom line

Choosing the best out of Astroglide and KY is not an easy task but if you understand your requirements, you might be able to make an informed personal choice.

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