Privacy Policy

We collect various types of personal data, including cookie data, first name, last name, usage data and email address from our users. The personal data we collect may be voluntarily furnished by the users, or we can use automated text files or cookies for collecting the same.

Use of cookies and other tracking tools used by this website or by third parties is meant for identifying users, remembering their preferences and for providing better services. If we fail at procuring certain personal data, it may become impossible for us to render our services. However, only users are solely responsible for personal data obtained by the third parties.

Data processing method

We take adequate data security measures for preventing unauthorized access or modification or disclosure or destruction of the data. We use server end computers and various IT tools and follow our own organizational modes and procedures for data processing. Your personal data may be accessed by some of the persons in charge who manage and administer the operation of this website. Your data may also be accessed by third party service providers including but limited to mail carriers, communication agencies, hosting service providers etc.

We use the data collected from you for web analytics and content moderation.