Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Isabel Fay Lubricant

Natural lubricants are meant to give you the confidence and purpose that natural bodily fluids do – no harmful chemicals and fluidic intensity.

With that thought in mind, manufacturers have brought out a boatload of natural lubricants that are free from chemicals and are soft on sensitive skin.

Some of these, like the water-based Isabel Fay are specifically meant to rev up sensual intensity while moisturizing the application area.

It gels you with all properties of a natural, water-based lubricant; and then tickles you with a little more.

And that is what makes it different.

Glide along as we tell what makes the Isabel Fay the special product that it is.

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BrandIsabel Fay
TypeNatural water based
Best forSensitive skin
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeYes
Glycerin freeYes
Weight14.4 ounce
Made byUSA

Our impression

The Isabel Fay natural lubricant makes no bones about its purpose right in the label. It is a water-based, chemical-free lubricant that is meant for sensitive skin.

If you have always wanted to try out a personal lubricant, but had to drop out for fear of skin sensitivities, now is the chance.

This lubricant has been specifically composed for users who have shown skin sensitivity issues while using personal lubricants in the past.

To eliminate doubt upfront, the company ensures non-use of glycerin and parabens in the lubricant.

The other hearty thing to know about it is that you can use it with almost everything – condoms, toys, body parts and what not.

For some of you who might be wary of the sticky nature of most lubricants, this one is a total winner.

While it is gel based, it does not feel sticky even in the least. It is colorless, odorless and leaves no stain on sheets.

There is a discreet label for privacy and the container is well-sealed to avoid leakage during transit.

To top that all, there is a total money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

While you might not choose to avail it, this shows how confidently the company is throwing its weight behind the natural lubricant.

By now you are fairly certain that the feature-column of the product is sufficiently well-stacked.

So how does the lubricant really feel when in use?

To be honest at the outset, our review on this is collected from scores of users who have tried this.

Yes, we have spoken to users personally and the answers are here.

For one thing, most of the participants had already used products meant for sensitive skin in the past.

And some of them were surprisingly young to be using lubes in the first place. Here is a roundup.

Isabel Fay

The lube is not exactly watery as you might expect. And technically, nothing can replicate the form of water unless it is chemically water.

The Isabel Fay water-based natural lube is slick.

But even then you do not feel like there’s an icing on the cake. Imagine the thinnest composition for a hair-oil possible and this lube is just that.

And unlike most other water-based lubes, it retains lubrication for a long time.

The slickness of the lube is maintained with increasing intensity.

And if you decide to add more lube mid-way it only heaps on the pleasure and not the lube.

Grab the Isabel Fay natural lubricant from amazon

For the sake of sensitivity, the verity of the odorless and colorless guarantees holds valid all through.

Most applicants with sensitive skin complained of no side-effects at all, even after prolonged periods of use.

As far as the wetness quotient goes, the lube exceeds most expectations.

Unlike the silicon lubes, it does not kill traction, making it a glide down a honey-slope.

And unlike other water-based lubes, you do not need to keep adding more lube while having sex.

It’s just that the play only intensifies in case you decide to keep adding it intermittently. Catching a breath is never a bad idea.

The lube also works just perfectly if you have not used personal lubrication in the past.

For young couples who might not have been in the habit of using lubrication, the Isabel Fay is just the right kind of start.

And if you plan to use it with no one but yourself, the toy play capability of the Isabel Fay lube is simply unmatched.

Even when using with toys, there is absolutely no stickiness that you will complain of.

And since there is no requirement for additional moisturizing, you will need far lesser quantities when using with toys.

  • Water-based lubricant.
  • No complaints with thickness.
  • Safe for anal play.
  • Great with various sex toys.
  • Can be washed off easily.
  • Easy availability.
  • Frequent reapplication of lube could be necessary.
  • Tends to dry up quickly.
  • Does not do great during sex in bathtub or shower.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Isabel Fay - Water Based Lubrican

  • Does this lubricant contain gluten?

No, this personal lube from Isabel Fay is 100% gluten-free for the benefit of the users.

  • Is there any difference, apart from size, between the 4oz bottle and the 8oz bottle?

The smaller bottle size is for people who are travelling and wish to have something light and compact. The bigger bottle is meant for longer experiences in the bedroom.

  • How does the top pump work?

The top needs to be twisted clockwise with the help of the spout. When it keeps resisting, the top needs to be twisted till there is a popping sound.

Wrap up

The Isabel Fay natural water lube is a product meant to achieve an altogether different level of ecstasy without adding any chemicals into the mix.

It will be an understatement to say it does that.

It actually goes above and beyond.

If you have sensitive skin, and are looking for lubrication that keeps it simple and fluidic, do not look any further.

Bottom line

The Isabel Fay natural water-based lubricant is easily one of the best personal lubricants available in the market for both the sexes. You will not regret this!

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