K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant jelly review

K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant

Personal lubrication is an exercise of nuance.

There are some things that might click and there some that might not.

If you are looking to experiment with something that brings the cost of fun crashing down, the K-Y Jelly is here for you.

It costs a corner of what an expensive box of lube will take out of you. And yet there are glimpses of greatness hidden within.

However, the lack of cost also brings some noticeable challenges.

What does the lube feel like really when you are at it?

And how much of an compromise do you have to make for the cost? Here is the deal.

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Water based
Best for
Vaginal sex
Condom friendly
Paraben free
Glycerin free
5.6 ounce
Made by

Our impression

There are occasions when you end up buying products simply because you hear great things about them.

The personal lubricant from K-Y Jelly could just be one of those products.

And there are pretty good reasons that support the claim.

We will break these down one by one for you. For one thing, the K-Y Jelly does really good with what it is supposed to do.

It wets you well and adds to the sexual stimulation in loads. It also feels good to both the partners unless one of you suddenly discovers a sensitivity issue.

And that can happen at times.(check out the difference between Astroglide & KY)

The personal lubricant from K-Y Jelly words well when used right after shower.

It gives you the feeling of the fluids flowing out from a natural, healthy body.

It also takes you into a zone where you may consider making some extra room for your partner too.

But that does not excuse the product from its flaws.

And there are some major issues that we would like to discuss in this column.

To begin with, K-Y Jelly seems to have been a little nonchalant about the sensitivity of individual skin with this one.

There have been many cases where users have reported issues.

But we will not count the skin sensitivity as a major flaw yet.

That is because the manufacturer has not made any claim about it being a product for sensitive skin.

And in that case, you will like how the lubricant performs if you do not have sensitive skin.

And that is one of the major reasons the K-Y Jelly lubricant has been extremely popular with people who do not have sensitivity issues down there.

Instead, if you have normal skin, the lube will actually leave your skin hydrated for quite long.

K-Y Jelly

The actual major drawback is the longevity.

While the duration of hydration is never quite a problem with this one, there are issues with how long it keeps things wet.

And that is one place you will not be entirely happy with the product.

For one, there are issues that need to be addressed concerning just how many times you will have to reapply this midway through sessions.

And that does not sit well with the fact that it is a hard lube to wash off.

Generally, lubes that wash off with difficulty remain wet longer.

You should consider this closely if you hate taking pause just when it feels brighter.

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While the K-Y Jelly does not come off so easily, you will not have to scrub your genitals to remove it.

Just stand under the shower and wash your parts gently.

It comes off with the water and that will not seem like a difficulty once you are used to it.

In actuality, it just takes longer to come off compared to other lubes.

On the plus, that makes it a heavily inspirational lube for shower sex.

The water based ones never quite give you the same pleasure when under the shower.

This is something that guarantees an intense session under the waterfall.

The best thing about the lube is that it works generously well with people of all ages – right from the teens to after the menopause.

And all that adds up really when you consider the price point at which the lube sells.

The K-Y Jelly is actually a fraction of the price of your regular lube and it keeps you hydrated like most of your experts do.

The tube is a real bonus. It is a leak-proof one that you can carry to the bed.

And it is one of those rare water-based lubes that allow you fun inside showers.

  • Jelly form easy to apply; rarely any spills.
  • Dispenses easily; cap does not leak.
  • Among the most affordable lubes.
  • Distinctly discreet packaging.
  • Very little quantities required.
  • Works for all age groups.
  • Takes quite long to wash off.
  • Leaves a little residue after drying.
  • Frequent need for reapplication.
  • Hard to get the last part of the gel out.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

K-Y Jelly

  • Is this a water-based lube?

Yes, this is a water based lube. That means it gets absorbed into the body and does not hand in there for long. It can be washed off.

  • Is there an expiration date on the box?

There is no date of expiration. That goes in tune with the very less quantities that you actually require to use.

  • What ingredients are used?

The ingredients include hyroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, water, gluconolactone and methylparaben. There is also some sodium hydroxide.

  • Does it come in discreet packaging?

Yes, you receive the product in discreet packaging, which is a plus for the lube.

Wrap up

The Personal lube from K-Y Jelly is a very inexpensive lube that comes with its good points and its bad points.

If you have sensitivity issues with skin, be very careful.

Otherwise, this can replicate the feel of the most expensive lubes for you.

And that can be done without you even knowing about it. And it works well for all ages. The discreet packaging tops it to.

Bottom line

Finding a good yet inexpensive lube could be a real challenge for some. But once you know about the K-Y Jelly and its goodness, you just might get addicted to it.

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