Ocean Sensuals [G] Natural Female Stimulating Gel review

Ocean Sensuals [G]

Few things in life are more rewarding than a happy wife.

And those of you who have been on the advantageous side of using a personal lubricant can’t tell better.

The Ocean Sensuals [G] Female stimulant gels well with your desires, literally.

It belongs to the house of lubricants that have the potential to change the sensual dimension altogether.

That it comes from Ocean Sensuals only adds more seriousness of purpose.

But how does it alter the entire experience of having sex?

And does it come with the standard baggage of issues typical to personal lubes?

Join us as we find out.

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BrandOcean Sensuals
TypeWater based
Best forStimulating purpose
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeYes
Glycerin freeYes
LongevityModerate to high
Weight1.9 ounces
Made inUSA

Our impression

Oceans Sensuals hashit all the right notes with the Ocean Sensuals [G] female stimulant.

And you can make your educated guesses on what the [G] indicates.

To start off, the stimulant is not unisexual and there are limitations of use which make it suitable for females only.

If you or your wifeis a woman who has been awaiting the perfect orgasm for eons now, this could be the gateway.

The stimulant also has the power to double up the fun for men while they are at it.

You will not need any additional lubrication, as this natural stimulating gel serves both as a lubricant and as a stimulant.

While most other personal lubricants make nights moist, the Ocean Sensuals [G] female stimulant does a whole lot more for you.

It actually arouses emotions in the body and you can read between lines there.

You will not need any other aid (videos, etc.) with a few drops of this stimulant.

To help you understand this better, let us present before you the case of an elderly couple we spoke to.

They are well into their fifties and the man says he has ‘rediscovered’ his woman.

That makes it a little hard to imagine given the limited carnal adventures of couples in this age.

Ocean Sensuals

Now the same couple we interviewed had an active sex life even before using the Ocean Sensuals [G] stimulant.

They tried it out because the bedroom scene had become a little ‘routine’. And they did it for four times on the second day of use!

But that is the case with one couple and the experiences of others may vary on the issue.

However, it will be worthwhile to note what it can do to young couples who have not possibly given it the full monty yet.

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One could argue that the Ocean Sensuals product is a little more expensive than many other stimulants available already.

But that is true for good wine and a nice dine-out too.

These are the small prices you pay for result-driven services and products.

But this does not imply the Ocean Sensuals female stimulant is a bottle of scented honey only.

It has its fair share of issues and the price factor is just one part.

The other major consideration is skin sensitivity.

While the company claims the product takes care of sensitive skin too, you will have to tread carefully there.

If you have sensitive skin, it is always advisable to start off slowly.

Order a sample and give it a shot. If it works, just go for it.

If it does not, you have saved yourself some money and disappointment.

But this does not in any way suggest that the product is not meant for sensitive skin.

In fact, most people we interviewed had sensitive skin and they were all praise for the stimulant.

It is just the one or two sensitivity issues we found out that calls for this slight caution.

All we want for you is to make a subjective test before purchase.

Ocean Sensuals [G]

A stimulant is not something you need when you are at your peak.

But this one from Ocean Sensuals gets to your desire soaring even when you are.

All you need to do is treat it like a friend that silently helps make your nights more special with lesser pain and more sensuality.

If you do not fear sensory overload and are willing to make the plunge right now, go on and take a shot of the Ocean Sensuals.

You will know what it means to feel special to your partner.

  • Product manufactured in the USA.
  • Innovative, self-sealing airless pump package.
  • Compatible with latex condoms.
  • Does not cause any stains, spills or mess.
  • Does not have any odor or color.
  • Composed of all natural ingredients.
  • Tends to dry up fast.
  • Cooling sensation is very mild.
  • May cause burning sensation on sensitive skin.
  • Possibility of slight numbing sensation.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Ocean Sensuals [G]

  • Is the pump mechanism effective?

The pump system present on the bottle is effective in getting lube out but it cannot be used for internal application. The lube should be used topically.So the intended purpose of the pump is to squirt lube out.

  • Where is the product manufactured?

This unique stimulating gel is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Does this lube cause a lot of mess?

Warming and stimulating gels are often messy and extremely sticky due to their constitution but in this case, there is no associated stickiness and you do not need to worry about leaving a big mess once you are done enjoying.

Wrap up

On the whole, the Ocean Sensuals [G] stimulant is something that you will definitely want to try out if you have always dreamed of a product that is a combination of a lubricant and a stimulant.

Be a little careful with the sensitivity of your skin. Go for a small set.

If things go well, there are brighter nights ahead.

Bottom line

If you are after something that comes without the usual ‘lube’ feeling, yet runs a stream of its own, fill in that order for the Ocean Sensuals [G] stimulant now.

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