Ocean Sensuals Sensual Massage Personal Lubricant review

Ocean Sensuals Sensual Massage Lubricant

Massage lubes always seem to have an extra oomph working for them. They are intimate well products and are yet very discreet in character. You know our indication here.

And nothing works like a session of pure steam after a relaxing body massage.

This is the precise promise that the Ocean Sensuals massage lube brings to the table.

It works up delicious massages and then complements that with unhindered intimacy.

Its texture and feel are hard to miss once you get addicted to the package.

We talk more on that and many other things in our detailed review below.

BrandOcean Sensuals
TypeWater based
Best forMessage
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeYes
Glycerin freeYes
Weight1.6 ounce
Made byUSA

Our impression

The Ocean Sensuals massage lubricant comes with a dual purpose. It is a great oil for massaging and doubles up as a lube for the “happy ending” as well.

The massaging action works really well as it leaves the smooth fresh and radiant.

The massaging action of the lube is also very long lasting and lasts longer than most others.

It will never feel sticky on you, even after an hour of deep massaging.

The lube has been made in the USA and does not use any cheap or non-certified ingredient.

The packaging is fairly discreet and will not give others an idea of what is inside the box.

The Ocean Sensuals is just the thing that you need at the end of a long day.

After a day of hard work at the office, this thing sets you up nicely for the rest of the night. It is a massage gel par excellence.

The gel has been formulated in a very special way so that it enhances the power of touch and transforms it into a relaxing tool.

Post the massage, the skin is left sexy and smooth with a silky feel.

You can use this gel to entice the entire body of your partner.

Ocean sensuals lube

While the massaging part is all neatly handled by the Ocean Sensuals massage lube, the next step is even more enticing.

If you like a hot, steamy session of intercourse after a relaxing massage, you have come to the right product.The massages are really long lasting and leave a subtle moisturizing effect on the skin.

You will really like the way this turns out each and every time soft hands go over your body and cause immense relaxation with every stroke.

Lucidness is perhaps the best word that describes the feeling of the oil rubbing over the body.

There has been some debate about the presence of silicone in the lotion.

Here, you will have to understand that there is some silicone presence in the lube.

If you are looking for something that has no silicone at all, you may well steer clear of this one.

However, there will always be some silicone content in any product that is meant for both massing and intercourse.

Moreover, the little silicone used in the Ocean Sensuals massage lube is tested medical grade silicone.

So unless you have very sensitive skin that reacts to even the slightest presence of silicone, this is a completely safe product.

Despite the silicone content in the Ocean Sensualslube, you will never find any residue after you are done using it.

It is not sticky in the least and really goes a long way into moisturizing with the “barely there” feel.

You can seamlessly shift between back massaging and personal intimacy without having to wash the hands in between.

And unlike other massage oils, you will not need to use 4-5 pumps of this oil even when you have a massage party.

Be careful to remind your friends that one pump is enough.

The very little required amounts actually make up for the price very well.

The Ocean Sensuals massage lube does not have any odor or smell. It is neutral on both counts.

You do not have to avoid kissing an oil-up body for a change.

The one thing that we would like to change about this lube is the feel that it leaves on the hand.

We do not so much complain about the feel, but it is more about the duration for which it stays.

We thought that could be toned down by Ocean Sensuals.

Other than that, there is not an inch of change that we would like to see in this lube.

  • Works great for both massage and intercourse.
  • Very relaxing and moisturizing oil action.
  • Does not cause stains.
  • One pump suffices for the body.
  • No need for washing hands in between.
  • Medical grade silicone only.
  • Zero greasiness.
  • Remains on the hand for very long.
  • Steeply priced.
  • Warming effect when used as personal lubricant.
  • The bottle is quite small; less lube quantity.
  • Dries out pretty quickly.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Ocean Sensuals

  • Is the lube safe for use with latex condoms?

The Ocean Sensuals massage lube has some silicone content. So it is not the safest choice for use with latex condoms. You should consider using a water-based lube instead.

  • Does this product have a 510k approval?

The product is sold in drugstores. Make your educated guesses here. We think this product is legal.

  • From where is this lubes shipped?

The product is manufactured in Phoenix. It should ideally ship from there.

  • Is the product edible?

The Ocean Sensuals massage lube does not have any taste. It is not unsafe for consumption.

Wrap up

The Ocean Sensuals massage lube does an above-decent job as a massage and personal lubricant.

There are several positives about this lube that we would like to highlight.

Chief among them is the ability of the lube to make the entire massage-intercourse experience smooth and seamless.

You require very less amounts of this and the feel lasts for quite a long while. You will really appreciate the feel and texture of this lube.


The Ocean Sensuals massage lube is a rare massage-oil and personal lubricant that works well both for intimate massages and post-massage intimacies as well.

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