Lush Water Based Personal Lubricant review

Lush water based lubricant

If you have chosen to go with a water-based personal lube, you are getting most things right about your sexual well-being.

Water-based natural lubes are the closest you can get to artificial personal lubrication that is healthy. And speaking of health in the same bracket as personal lubricating, allow us to introduce to you the Lust personal lubricant.

The lush personal lube has the high reputation of being one of the top lubes recommended by doctors. That was the first thing about the lube which caught our eye. There were several revelations that came during the tests.

Here is a detailed account of what the Lush personal water-based lube feels like.

Our impression

The first thing you need to know about the Lush is that it lasts long; often longer than your expectation.

It is natural for water-based lubes to gradually dry out midway through use. This is one of the major disadvantages of using such lubes. But that is not the case with Lush.

The natural feel that comes with the Lush lube reminds of the quintessential hallmark of water-based personal lubrication. It feels so natural, that at one point you tend to forget that the lube is even there.

The great thing about this naturalness of the lube is that at no point you feel it is being imposed. It does really well to mimic your own bodily lubrication.

There are typical reasons why the Lush lube is recommended so highly by doctors – it is unscented, free from flavors, non-staining and non-irritating. We will quickly touch base on each of these.

Lush lube

Being unscented has subtle benefits of its own. First, you do not get any of that funky smell that generally puts people with sensitivity off when making love.

Also, the lack of scent also means a lack of scent causing chemicals. So any unscented lube has lesser chance of aggravated sensitivity.

The lack of flavor in the Lush is another major plus that becomes simply hard to ignore. If you plan on oral sex, this really bodes well for you. You will not make any direct contact with flavor, while you always reserve the liberty to add tested external flavors.

Almost every water-based lube out there claims to have non-staining and non-irritating properties. With the Lush lube, you see first-hand materialization of this. It never stains your sheets and your body.

Even if you happen to drop the lube on sheets, all you need to do is wash the sheets with some water.

The biggest plus yet for the Lush lube is its anti-irritation formula. It works on you even if you have the most sensitive skin on the planet. Even people who used to dread the very idea of a personal lubricant have found the Lush to be friendly on sensitive skin.

The Lush water-based also comes with discreet packaging. You can afford to forge it on the side-table by the bed and no one would know what it is. That is unless they step a little closer and find ‘personal lubricant’ etched near the base.

The pump mechanism of the lube deserves a mention of its own. It works up good convenience for those who are tired of pouring out lubes from bottles.

All you need to do is understand the way the bottle works and handle the pump well. As a standard measurement, one pump of lube suffices for a long session.

Sex toys are a great thing if you dislike convention. And Lush feels you on that. It supports a variety of sex toys. In fact, you can literally team it up with any random sex toy out there.

Even better, Lush allows you to use polyurethane and latex condoms with the lube as well.

Unlike some cheap Chinese rip-offs, the Lush is formulated and developed inside the USA and is approved by the FDA. So you do not need to worry about the safety of the product.

And yes, we are in love with the design on the bottle. The graphic of the bottle gives the Lush an identity of its own. It is pleasing to watch.

However, you would like to watch out for the propylene glycol they have used in the lube, albeit we have not encountered a single case of aggravated skin sensitivity yet.

Overall, we will recommend the Lush personal water-based lube very highly as a personal lubricant.

  • Very long-lasting, not typical of water-based lubes.
  • Recommended widely by doctors.
  • Discreet packaging, very pleasing graphics.
  • Safe for all condoms and adult toys.
  • Very easy pump action.
  • Safe and effective, approved by the FDA.
  • Contains propyl glycol and glycerin.
  • Some cases of alleviating slipperiness.
  • Not exactly discreet packaging (“personal lubricant”).
  • Might taste a little weird (unflavored).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)  

Lush personal lube

  • Are the ingredients used in the lube safe?

Yes, all the ingredients used in the Lust personal water-based lube are safe and approved by the FDA. However, some individuals may still face sensitivity issues when using the lube.

  • Is the lube good/safe for oral sex?

Lush is definitely safe for oral sex as it avoids flavors and flavor-causing agents both. It is also good for oral sex in a way that it does not create a chemical coating around your tongue.

  • How convenient is the pump action?

The pump action is totally easy. On most occasions, one pump dispenses enough solution for 20 minutes of sex.

Wrap up

The Lush water-based personal lubricant is special is several ways – it does not make an excuse for lesser longevity, has no scent or flavor, does not coat sheets and is highly recommended by doctors.

If you are tired of using water-based lubes that tend to be a little down on texture or do not exactly favor oral sex, you should definitely give the Lush lube a chance to perform.


A water-based lube is always a smart choice – the Lush lube is even smarter as it does away with some of the standard lacuna of other water-based personal lubricants.

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