Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant review

Wet Platinum

Silicone lubes promise nonpareil lubrication. And when they do that at a fraction of the cost of other lubes, the deal deserves a second look.

Today, we take a look at Premium Wet Platinum silicone lube. It is a relatively smaller bottle than most silicone lubes yet surprisingly lasts longer than most.

The lubricating action brigs moisturizing and fights kibbles. It is also among the few silicone lubes for post-menopause women. We talk these positives and a few things that could be a turn-off in detail below.

Our impression

The Premium Wet Platinum personal lubricant is a silicone-based pleasure product that has been designed and developed in the USA.

The box in which the lubricant ships has been discreetly packaged.

You will easily avoid those queer looks from around the neighborhood. We would have also liked if the bottle did not have words like “silicone” and “lubricant”mentioned on it.

Since this is a silicone based product, you get enhanced lubrication and better performance throughout.

It comes at a fraction of the price of water-based personal lubricants. And if you can adapt your skin sensitivities with this, the Premium Wet Platinum becomes cracker of a deal.

On using the lube, the first evident downside you will find is the bottle. Now, we thought the bottle has been designed by a team that had nothing to do with the making of the lube.

And that really seems the case here.

The lube is prone to falling off even if you bend the bottle by an angle equivalent to a millimeter away from the perpendicular (either side). The bottle is small and skinny.

That is one thing. But you just cannot place the bottle on a bed, or a mattress or even the human body.

This is silicone and it will effectively stain everything it comes in contact with.

Wet Platinum silicone lube

But if you are willing to accept this one little flaw of the Premium Wet Platinum, there is a lot in store for you.

First off, you will simply love the quality and measure of lubrication that this creates.

The feel is that of a silky lotion that elevates the moisture quotient of the skin as a whole. The quality of lubrication is so fine, that you do not even notice a change when having anal sex.

We thought this is one of the best lubricants for anal sex. Several of our gay reviewers gave thumbs up to the Premium Wet Platinum.

If you have used the likes of eros, you already know how this lube feels.

And you will be delighted to know that this costs way lower than something like eros.

It is more slippery and even lasts longer. The bottle is only less by 0.3oz of liquid.

But that measures up really well when you see that this one costs about 40% lesser than the one we mentioned.

Unlike most natural or water-based lubes, this does not dry out soon and leaves a very smooth texture at the end. You can use your regular soap with water to clean it up.

The Premium Wet Platinum has a hidden talent too – it is a great lube for douching.

You may simply pour in inside the body without having to worry about anything (we of course recommend a sensitivity test for all silicone lubes).

The chief problem with douching for most chemical lubes is the globs that these lubes seem to create when inside the body parts.

The Premium Wet Platinum has no such disadvantage to it.

It is one of the best lubes for douching given that not many lubes actually facilitate douching.

We would highly recommend this lube if you prefer douching over application.

The Premium Wet Platinum is quite high on silicone content and so you should not be using this with other silicone toys.

If you have been avoiding sessions due to (painful) kibbles or other such age-related issues, you will definitely derive the full mileage out of this lube.

This is one silicone lube that actually works with women beyond the sweet age.

Moreover, the lube has been declared safe for use with latex. So you can use this with a condom.

  • Compatible with latex condoms.
  • Comes at an impressive price.
  • Works well for anal sex.
  • Takes very little time to activate.
  • Superior quality lubrication.
  • Great for douching.
  • Works hard against kibble.
  • Great for post-menopause women.
  • Dries quicker than other silicone lubes.
  • Cannot be used with silicone toys.
  • Very small and troublesome bottle.
  • Cap has an unnecessarily wide opening.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Wet Platinum Lubricant

  • How well does this work under the shower?

The lube is silicone-based and does not wash away under water. You may expect long and steamy shower sessions from this lube.

  • Is the lube a desensitizing agent?

No, there is no use of numbing agents in the lube. It is a great lube that can be used for several purposes.

  • Is there another way to clean instead of having to take a shower?

The lube can be easily cleaned with the help of eco-green sanitizing whips. These work better than all the wipes available out there.

  • Is this comparable to something like eros?

Yes, the feel is very similar to that of eros. But this is cheaper..

Wrap up

For a silicone lube, the Premium Wet Platinum scores well on cost, efficiency and function.

The lube is one of the best available for everyday use as it takes care of douching and anal sex too.

The lubrication duration could have been longer and the company could have designed the bottle better.

Apart from these, the Premium Wet Platinum promises plenty of fun at far cheaper costs.

Bottom line

The Premium Wet Platinum is a true silicone lube in all possible ways. If you do not care about sensitivity, just latch on to this one. Long nights are guaranteed.

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