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Passion Lubes

Sexual lubricant is an amazing invention that has completely reinvented the way people look at sex.

Gone are the days when sex had to be uncomfortable and painful; now with just a handful of lube not only can you increase your personal enjoyment in the boudoir, both solo and as a couple, but you can even experience new dimensions of pleasure.

Some lubes are actually good for your body and foremost among them is this wonderful new product from Passion Lubes, one of the most reputed brands in the industry.

You should definitely check out this product if you want a quality lube at a moderate price that fits all your criteria.

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Natural water based
Best for
Vaginal sex
Condom friendly
Paraben free
Glycerin free
Moderate to high
2 pounds
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Our impression

One of the main issues that users seem to have with lubes is the mess they make in the end which makes it harder for people to clean up.

It does not seem feasible that you might be required to wash your clothes as well as your sheets every time you pleasure yourself, either with your partner or solo.

The solution is to use a personal lubricant that does not possess any sticky properties and this lube does just that.

It boasts of a unique non sticky formula which gets rid of all your cleaning woes in the long run.

Moreover, this lube does not have any weird smell emanating from it which means that you can use as much of the product as you want without having to worry about smelling unnatural in your private regions.

Moreover, you definitely do not want to apply any sorts of dangerous chemicals on your sensitive parts and this lube meets that criteria since it does not contain any sort of harmful substances that can cause problems for your health.

This is a water based personal lubricant that is made from all natural lubricants which means that it is actually good for you and you have no concern for any adverse effects.

This is a versatile personal product that is there whenever you need it to provide you with some intimate satisfaction.

The consistency of this lube is great, having a slippery and slick feel without much resistance.

This is a great texture since it basically means that Passion has the capacity to limit the amount of friction generated at the time of sex as well as the following discomfort so that you are able to have a better and more pleasurable experience.

Not only you, your partner is also bound to benefit sexually from the effects of this lube.

Passion Natural lube

This lube does not contain any sort of dangerous chemicals, including petrochemicals, parabens and glycerin, which means that if you possess sensitive skin, then you do not need to worry about any health problems after extensive application.

Glycerin happens to be one of the most common substances found in the majority of water based lubricants that enables you to get a sticky and tacky feeling that is not very pleasurable.

A lot of women and men find glycerin to be unsuitable for their skin while some even tend to become afflicted with infection.

Thankfully, this lube product possesses a formula that is entirely free from glycerin.

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Since this a water based lube and not a silicon based one, it is extremely easy to clean off of your body and there are no traces of the material left other than some sort of greasy residue.

Moreover, it is a known fact that substances containing silicon in them have the power to degrade other items made of silicon.

On the contrary, this personal lubricant has no silicon in its composition and so can easily be used with silicon, glass, rubber, latex.

It does not have the tendency to stain your sheets and even if it does, it is extremely simple to get rid of the muck with simple water and soap.

The product comes wonderfully packaged in a unique spill-proof bottle and the pump is also present on the top for easy application.

You do not need to run the risk of pouring too much lube in one go and so there should be less chances of mess.

Since this is a water based product, it gets absorbed into the body which means that you can reapply it frequently without any major health issues. It is capable of lasting a long time.

  • Ships very discreetly.
  • Washable with regular soap and warm water.
  • Free of glycerin.
  • Does not cause any stains.
  • Can be used with various kinds of materials.
  • Pump is easy to use.
  • Bottle is completely spill proof.
  • Water based formula is 100% natural.
  • Consistency might seem a bit watery.
  • Substance needs frequent reapplication during sex.
  • Tends to dry up inside nozzle resulting in blockage.
  • Not thick enough.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Passion water based lube

  • Is this lube edible?

There is no mention anywhere of the product being edible.

However, since this is comprised of non-toxic materials, it might be harmful to your wellbeing and so you might consider tasting it. However, there is a possibility, it might taste great.

  • Is there an expiration date for this lube?

No mention has been made of the expiration date for this product but you should definitely use it up before six months are over.

  • Can the label on the lube bottle be removed?

Yes, you are easily able to remove the label present on the body of the lube bottle.

Wrap up

A versatile, healthy lube is always a welcome addition to the sex life of any couple and this fits the bill perfectly.

You should not hesitate when you plan to buy this product from Passion Lubes since the company has a lot of experience manufacturing good quality personal lubricants and this just might be one of their best products.

This personal lubricant is completely natural and provides you with sufficient amount of pleasure and comfort during intimate sessions.

Bottom line

Get complete value for money when you buy the new Passion Lubes, Natural Water-Based Lubricant which is one of the best products in the market for adults at the moment.

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