Sliquid H2O Original Water Based Lubricant review

Sliquid H2O

Some sexual wellness products are just different – they look the same, sound the same and even feel the same, yet they are different.

The Sliquid H2O lube is a rich and apt testimony to this.

It is perhaps the only water-based lube out there that does not sell you glycerin.

There are some amazing positives in this lube that could potentially work wonders for your sex life.

And there are also a few things that could have been better for this lube.

Know all about in our review below.

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TypeWater based
Best forVaginal sex
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeYes
Glycerin freeYes
LongevityModerate to high
Weight4.2 ounce
Made byUSA

Our impression

The Sliquid H2O lube is pretty much everything you want in a good water-based lube – it is water-based, does not stick, contains no glycerin or parabens and does not stain the sheets.

Along with these, it has the XBIZ 2012 award for the best lubricating sex gel.It is among the most natural lubes that are available in the market.

And unlike several lubes that advertise being glycerin-free, this one is actually completely (100%) free of glycerin.Above that, the product is completely vegan and free from cruelty

. The 8.5 oz container lasts you quite a long while before you are done with it.

The blend you get with the Sliquid H2O is simple and water-based.

You do not get any fancy texture that characterizes silicone lubes.

The formulation is such that the lube emulates the natural texture of the body and gives you the same feel throughput.

Most market lubricants (including water-based ones) use glycerin or sugar solutions as thickening agents.

But the Sliquid H2O comes with plant cellulose.

The cellulose naturally breaks down when it comes in contact with the body, facilitating an even and soft texture throughout the body.

It successfully creates the “barely there” feel on the body.

With the Sliquid H2O lube, it really does not matter what toy you want to use or what sexual activity you want to indulge in.

The lube works great for almost every activity and gives you enough reason to try with toys, plugs and even latex condoms.

Also, since the Sliquid H2O has not been artificially flavored or scented, it basically comes with a lifetime of shelf life.

As you settle into it, you will like how the lube is free from any obnoxious odor. Also, since there is no glycerin and only plant cellulose, you will never have a problem with sensitive skin.

Sliquid H2O

The point with sensitive skin is vital here.

Most water-based lubes are said to be suitable for sensitive skins.

But the moment there is glycerin in the lube your skin will get exposed to varied sensitivities, often prematurely.

This is not the case with the Sliquid H2O.

The thickener here is plant cellulose and it will never interfere with sensitivity of skin.

You can actually test this by applying a small drop on an area where you already have some rashes.

For this one, you even get a guarantee against UTIs or any other infection.

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So how does the impressive feature list of the Sliquid H2O boil down into application?

It goes in stages actually – it fits snugly into your drawer (night table), does not smell or taste funny, gets going with excellent lubrication and does not have any funky post-application smell about it.

The zenith is for ladies who require lubrication after the menopause.

It somehow recreates the magic that your body was used to before the menopause.

So if you are looking for something that nature took away in due time, this is that perfect lube for you.

And even if you are not ripe aged, this could just supplement what you already have.

If you are used to drugstore lubes already, you will know a lot of the tacky smell that comes with these lubes.

While the primary impressions of such odors may be different, we know how irritating the smell turns with time.

Now this is precisely not the case with the Sliquid H2O.

It has no odor, and that means you can simply trust it with your senses.

Also, it is safe to use with almost all toys and can be used with silicone and latex too.

The Sliquid H2O will never stain you or your sheet.

It is just a quiet friend that does the job without asking for much praise.

  • Contains no glycerin.
  • Textured with plant cellulose.
  • Award winning lube.
  • Does not stain sheets.
  • No smell, no taste.
  • Never causes UTIs.
  • Comes sealed and packed neatly.
  • Does not leave any funky odor.
  • Emulates natural bodily lubrication.
  • Does not itch on skin.
  • Dries out fairly quickly.
  • Heavy quantities required per session.
  • Could have been more slippery.
  • Lacks the thickness of regular lubes.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Sliquid H2O lube

  • What ingredients are used in this product?

Straight from the label, it includes plant cellulose, cyamopsis, potassium sorbate and citric acid.

  • How does the product hold up in a hot tub?

The Sliquid H2O does not hold up at all if you use in a hot tub. Since it a water based product, it will wash off quite easily.

  • What is the ideal shelf life of this product?

Typically, one bottle is good to last for 2-3 years. You have the expiry date written on the back of the label.

  • Is the lube edible?

Yes, it is a totally water based lube and is safe for ingestion.

Wrap up

The Sliquid H2O is a neat water-based lube.

It is perhaps the only water-based lube that does not include any glycerin and relies on plant cellulose for texture.

It can be used with almost any toy (probably even the undiscovered ones) and goes well with latex condoms.

The best thing is it does not have any odor or taste and after a point you will just not know it is even there.

Bottom line

The Sliquid H2O water-based personal lubricant is a winner in every department – lubrication, feel, texture, odor and taste. It also helps discover the winner in you.

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