Why pre-seed lube is best lubricant for getting pregnant?

Couples trying to conceive often report that increased levels of vaginal dryness make it vital to use a good quality personal lubricant, preferably one that does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals and ingredients and facilitates the conception efforts.

There are many different varieties of lube available in the market but it is best to pick lubricants that have been designed specifically for couples who are trying to have a baby.

These products are usually sperm-friendly and offer an easy and safe environment for facilitating conception.

We discuss about the features of pre-seed lube below and attempt to understand how exactly it helps with the process of conception.

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BrandPree seed
TypeWater based
Best forConceive
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeNo
Glycerin freeYes
Weight4.8 ounce
Made byAmerica

Our impression

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant is a revolutionary product that was designed to act in a manner similar to the fertile fluids present within the body.

This helps ensure a more natural and comfortable feeling at the time of sex.

The product does not contain any chemicals like glycerin and so it offers greater motility to sperm along with a less irritating sensation in comparison to other popular lubes available in the market.

Clinical studies that have been carried out Pre Seed Lube have found the product to be as smooth and slippery, if not more, than most leading brands of personal lubricants.

There have been numerous studies published regarding the way in which lubricants containing no spermicide can still harm the sperm’s ability to swim after contact at the laboratory testing stage.

Thus, it is possible for regular lube to cause damage to the sperm despite having no sort of spermicidal components listed in the ingredients and being water based.

A lot of lubricants tend to harm the sperm by disrupting the delicate pH balance and not being isotonic in nature.

This means that they contain high levels of ion or salt that tend to dehydrate the sperm and prevent them from swimming around.

Products containing glycerin can be toxic to the sperm and so they hinder rather than promote the method of conception.

Even regular and natural stuff like water and saliva may sometimes kill off the sperm and it is best to avoid them under all circumstances when you and your partner are attempting to get pregnant.

The most suitable idea in this case is to get rid of any water based lubes that contain chemicals like glycerin and invest in sperm friendly products such as the one from brand Pre Seed which actually assists in the process of becoming pregnant.

Pre Seed Lube was carefully designed and manufactured by a female sperm physiologist who understood the fact that sperm could be damaged and killed off by regular lubes that were used by couples at the time of conception.

Pre-Seed Lube

Pre Seed lube is an amazing product that mimics the fertile cervical mucus in terms of its pH balance, its texture, consistency and ion concentration.

Being totally free of harmful chemicals like glycerin, it provides sperms with the opportunity to experience greater degrees of motility and it also contains unique antioxidants in its formula that can actually assist the sperm on their long and arduous journey to fertilize the female egg.

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Pre Seed Lube offers a great and sensual experience at the time of sex as it has been carefully designed to resemble the natural fertile fluids found within the female body.

The texture of the product is a comfortable mix of smooth and slippery which is equal to most of the leading lube brands available in the market.

Thus, you not only get an enjoyable sexual experience when you use this product but also manage to fulfil a couple’s dream of having a healthy and safe conception.

Pre-Seed lube comes carefully packaged in a 1.4-ounce bottle which is enough to ensure that the product lasts a long time as only a tiny amount of the lube can produce the desired effects.

Pre seed lube must be applied internally.

It should be carefully applied to provide moisture to the inner walls of the vagina, thereby improving the level of comfort at the time of intimacy.

It acts as a wonderful and natural feeling supplement to the fertile fluids of the human body.

The effectiveness of the lubricant is at its peak when it is deposited close to the cervix but the product may be applied externally as well depending upon the discretion of the couple.

  • Fertility friendly product.
  • Offers antioxidant support to sperm.
  • Developed by specialty doctors.
  • Safe for use during conception.
  • Resembles the fertile fluids of the body.
  • Offers moisture.
  • Does not harm sperm.
  • Applicator may feel uncomfortable.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Tends to dry fast.
  • May cause numbness.
  • Low quantity.

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FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Does the product have any taste and odor?

There is no noticeable odor present in the product. In regards to taste, it is better not to try it orally as saliva may kill the sperm.

  • How many uses are in a single container of Pre Seed lube?

A single bottle of Pre Seed lube offers as many as eight to twelve applications depending upon the quantity of product you and your partner use every time.

The recommended quantity for the product is mentioned on the packaging itself.

  • What is the expiration date for the product?

The bottom of the box containing the product contains this information. The product lasts 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Wrap up 

Pre Seed lube is a miraculous product targeted towards couples who are trying to conceive since it offers a safe and healthy way for the sperm to fertilize the egg by increasing the level of their motility.

The product contains no chemicals and provides a comfortable sexual experience.

Bottom line

Pre Seed lube is a brand name you can trust out of the thousands of products in the industry owing to its unique formula that helps couples conceive in a natural and safe way.

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