Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel review

Oral Sex Gel

Do you hate long sessions of oral sex?

Or do you like it but for the stink?

Why worry when you can add some flavor to it and get going?

The Classic Erotica oral sex gel called Crazy Girl has the potential to drive you crazy.

And the experience is all crazier if you like cotton candy.

Yes, this oral sex lotion tastes like cotton candy,has the texture of water and the consistency of a lube.

Now, that is something that activates the taste buds on one side and guarantees a happy ending on the other. Read our detailed review below.

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BrandCrazy Girl
TypeWater based
Best forOral sex
Condom friendlyYes
Paraben freeYes
Glycerin freeNo
LongevityModerate to low
Weight3.2 ounce
Made byUSA

Our impression

The Classic Erotica Oral Sex lotion brings for you pleasure and arousal simultaneously.

The lotion has been specially formulated to double up oral intimacy.

Toward the end, it has been made with lubricious ingredients only.

This imbibes a welcome smooth texture overall.

And we all know how satisfying the outcomes of such smooth texture can be.

The Crazy Girl gel works on both sides – it makes it easier and more satisfying for both the giver and recipient of pleasure.

However, the maker quite clearly states that the individual results (feels) of using the gel can be vastly subjective.

So how does the Classic Erotica Crazy Girl gel suit your individual sensations?

We state with the feel and I think the first mention would be the lack of gluten in the lotion.

Gluten generally brings a tacit chemical odor.

This odor often manifests into a tickly chemical taste that might not suit all.

So the lack of gluten makes you do not have to face any such smell or taste.

However, there is some glycerin in the composition.

This means the texture is slick and you may expect some sticky slipperiness.

But the company has done well to beat down the slippery texture.

There are no labels in the box in which the bottle is packed.

So this is one of those few discreetly packed oral sex gels that you can actually depend on.

Anybody who has the box will not know of what is inside. However, the same cannot be said for the bottle.

The bottle has a pretty clear description of what it is.

So you do not have the luxury to make it a regular counter-top product at the bathroom.

But we must compliment Classic Erotica for designing the bottle well. Looking at it is a slight turn-on in itself.

Classic Erotica Crazy Girl

Coming to the meat of if, let us make it amply clear – Crazy Girl tastes well.

It is not like one of those lubes for masturbation that are simply not meant for oral sex.

Your wife or girlfriend will love it if they have a sweet tooth.

Beyond that, you will really like how it works for the two of you.

It comes just as it has been described.

And it goes quite long into satisfying you.

Despite the glycerin content, you will not discover any extra stickiness that is common with most other oral sex lubes.

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Whether you use the Classic Erotica for 5 minutes or an hour, it never develops an oily texture that is comes with long application times.

And the even better part is the way in which it feels like liquid cotton candy.

But you should know that there is no huge flavor into the Crazy Girl.

First, it does really well to kill the awful taste and smell you want to avoid.

Then, it develops a slim coating with a subtle hint of cotton candy.

However, you should avoid it if you are looking for something that has a very tacky flavor.

The Classic Erotica oral sex gel can be swallowed without causing any complication whatsoever.

No questions asked here. If the wife really loves the flavor and wants to swallow, ask her to just go for it.

This is just so good to the taste buds! And for one thing, the company has nailed it with the name.

Women just go crazy over the texture and taste of Crazy Girl.

You will just not be able to stop your girl if she develops a knack for this one.

This gel has the potential to make oral sex sessions hearty and satisfying for both the partners.

  • Tastes like cotton candy.
  • Does not have any glycerin.
  • Slippery yet non-sticky texture.
  • Comes in a discreetly packaged box.
  • Lasts for a really long time.
  • Smells fine; not too tacky.
  • The cap does not have a seal.
  • Male feelings could be subjective.
  • Consistency may feel weird at the start.
  • “Arousing” bit is missing.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Classic Erotica

  • Does the cap have a seal on it?

No, this will go down as one of the negatives. There is no seal on the cap. Someone could use it before it arrives to you.

  • Is the product free from gluten and glycerin?

There is no gluten in the product and hence no chemical smell. But there is some glycerin to make it slipper.

  • Is the packaging of the container discreet?

Only the box in which the container arrives has discreet packaging. The bottle is labeled clearly.

  • Does it alleviate gag reflex?

It does suppress gag reflex to some extent.

Wrap up

The Classic Erotica Oral sex gel brings to you a smooth and slippery texture of cotton candy makes your oral sex sessions special in many ways.

It helps settle the gag reflex, arouses men to a certain extent and creates a lasting impression (pun intended).

But the real value of the gel is in the way it spices up things for females. It tastes like real cotton candy. And yes, you can swallow it.


Bring the feel of cotton candy straight into a sensuous session of oral sex with the Crazy Girl Classic Erotica oral sex gel. Best served with love.

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